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Tips for traveling with little money

When we think about traveling, we are not always able to buy everything we are in the mood for. Here in this post I will give tips on how to travel with little money?? Let's go?!

Make a good plan

Tips for traveling with little money

This is the first step to doing well on a trip! Briefly, it is planning that makes all the difference.

Find out how much you have to spend, from that amount check how many days you will travel, how many nights in hotels, how many meals and that way, you will know if this trip will come out of paper.

Don't forget anything, write down everything you intend to spend, every penny makes a difference at the end of the trip.

Buy tickets on sale

Tips for traveling with little money

We only buy tickets on sale, because they are so worth it!

The only detail is: be patient!

Find out the prices without being on sale and make comparisons to see if the discount is really worth it, and also check how the connections are! Many promotions are in situations where the connection takes a long time, so be careful.

The ideal is to download an application on your cell phone and you will be informed when there are promotions!

Save your money for this moment!

Travel in low season

Tips for traveling with little money

if you can be flexible with your vacation months, the best option is to research the place you want to go and see when the low season is.

Search in hotels which months the daily rates go up a lot and when they are cheaper.

Only by doing this analysis can you save a lot!

Know how to choose hotels

Tips for traveling with little money

The closer to tourist attractions, usually in the city center, the more expensive you will pay.

That is, the ideal is to choose hotels further away from the center and preferably that has a small kitchen integrated into the room for you have your meals at the hotel.

That way you will save a lot!

Go to the local supermarket and do your shopping to have it ready at the hotel. Usually restaurants in tourist cities are very expensive.

Buy foreign exchange with good account

Tips for traveling with little money

No do the stupid thing to do your exchange at airports?? They are the most expensive places!

The tip is to exchange with people in your city who have the currency you need or search for low account values to exchange during the year.

Enjoy everything that's free on your tour

Tips for traveling with little money

Before going out buying all the tour packages, go to the tourist house and ask for information about everything that is free (such as tickets, if it is possible to do it without a guide, if it is possible to do it on foot).

Only in this research you will do many tours around the city for free!

Don't go out buying everything you see ahead

Tips for traveling with little money

When we arrived at the destination, we were delighted with the shops and souvenirs, take it easy and leave it for buy on the last day of your trip.

Maybe you have little money or you don't find so many beautiful things funny anymore and end up getting just a souvenir.

Don't spend everything on your credit card.

Tips for traveling with little money

Without a doubt, this is one of the most common mistakes made by travelers with little money.

Just imagine, spending everything on credit and only paying in the next month. The only problem is what comes next month and you won't be able to afford it.

Control your impulses!

Don't buy anything at airports

Tips for traveling with little money

Airports are the places where most of the time we spend many hours waiting for a connection and in the meantime, that peek at the stores and we end up buying!

Also, that hunger that comes with the smells of food in the air.

Tip: buy before arriving at the airport granola bars and a bottle of water, always keep it in your purse.

These options will save you countless times from paying absurdly on airport snacks.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed our tips! Over time we learn to make choices and save money that becomes a habit!

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