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New York

Shopping (for women) in New York

Shopping in New York is almost a must. On our last trip, we didn't make an itinerary just for shopping, but we were visiting some regions and taking the opportunity to visit the best stores and do the basic shopping 🙂 For those of you who only have a few days in New York and can't waste time, we prepared a list […]

Times Square and Midtown – NY

Times Square and Midtown | New York by region Already on the first day in New York we visited Times Square and Midtown. Times Square is considered a world-renowned icon for Broadway shows, digital advertisements and other advertising animations. A light show! It is one of the tourist spots […]

Downtown | New York by region

New York grew out of the southern part of Manhattan and today this area is considered the financial heart of the city. Despite the narrow, dark streets, there are many ways to explore Downtown. Unlike the rest of the island, the streets are confusing – with curved forks and alleys. Therefore, when visiting, have a map […]

George's New York | New York

After visiting the 9/11 Memorial, we were famished and unwilling to walk far to find a cafe. That's when we found George's New York, a small place but completely themed: an essentially New York place. After getting to know it, we learned that the place was a legend, as the old structure was totally destroyed by the events of […]