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Downtown | New York by region

Here in this post I will share with you the different ways to explore Downtown | New York by region. Let's go?!


New York grew out of lower Manhattan and today this area is considered the financial heart of the city.

Despite the narrow and dark streets there are many ways to explore Downtown.

Unlike the rest of the island, the streets are confusing – with curved forks and alleys. Therefore, when visiting, always have a map at hand and your GPS on!

We went during the week because reading some reports we knew that on weekends the region is a little limited because several places close their doors.

Manhattan Civic Center - bang

But during the week the place was full of people, coming and going.

We started the visit at City Hall Park, where the city hall is (metro lines 4, 5, 6 and R).

North of the town hall is the Manhattan Civic Center where are the government agencies.

THE New York Supreme Court is also in this region and is worth a visit!

Afterwards, we returned to City Hall Park and we headed towards the south of the island. And to the south is the 9/11 Memorial. And if you feel hungry, you can look for the George's New York there are 3 blocks from the venue.

We returned via Fulton St. and we passed by St. Paul's Church – a small church facing the World Trade Center and was used as a base to help people and shelter 9/11 volunteers.

Nowadays it has become a kind of museum with tributes to the victims.

 Downtown | New York

We followed Nassau St. heading south, passing the Federal Reserve Bank (Central bank).

Still walking, we saw one of the most famous streets – the Wall Street.

 Downtown | New York

Nearby, at the intersection of Wall St. with Nassau St is the Federal Hall where George Washington was sworn in as president (inside there is a small museum with free admission that is only open during the week).

 Downtown | New York

We then proceed to the Broadway where is the Trinity Church (where the first mass after Washington took office was held).

Still on Broadway (towards the Bowling Green Park) we find the famous wall street bull.

Always full of people, the fight was big to get a photo! They say that when a person takes a picture holding the animal's testicles, the picture becomes an amulet to bring luck and money (hehe). 

Still in this region, well south of Manhattan is the Battery Park (where visits to the Statue of Liberty leave).

Below is the map of the points we mentioned. I think it makes it easier to place yourself 🙂

Downtown - NY

That was the route we took, but this area is full of surprises. Walk and let yourself be surprised 🙂

Downtown | New York by region

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