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Shopping (for women) in New York

Here you will find out how to do shopping (for women) in New York, because it is practically a mandatory item on your trip. Let's go?!

For you who have a few days in New York and can't waste time, we've prepared a list of the best options to go straight to the right place 🙂

MACY'S – New York

One of the most classic stores in the city, you can lose a few good hours in the biggest department store. It has everything! And the store is huge 🙂

Follow the tips:

  • go straight to the mezzanine and your 10% discount card given to foreign visitors;
  • face the macaws with promotional prices that are available practically all times of the year.

On the day I went, the entire Guess stand was up to 70% off! My mother took advantage and bought a beautiful bag for US$50!

Address: 151 West 34th Street.

Shopping (for women) in New York

FOREVER 21 – New York

Clothing and accessories not only for 21-year-old girls, but for women up to 60.

The variety is great and the fashion clothes are highlighted!

The quality is relatively good and the prices make you freak out so low…

Go straight to the Times Square store – the biggest in the city, with 4 floors full of products.

Don't be surprised if you leave the store with a bag.

Shopping (for women) in New York

SEPHORA – New York

A must-stop for anyone who loves beauty products.

I freaked out when I entered the store: makeup, perfumes and creams – the price is not so good, but the products are of very high quality. 

Sephora has its own brand of products that are a little cheaper.

Enjoy and try products from Nars, Philosophy and Benefit (I love it!).

The fun part is that you can try everything! 🙂

I bought a powder from Dior for US$40 (I really like it!) and an eyeliner from Lancome (I'm a fan) for US$30. Address: 1500 Broadway.

Shopping (for women) in New York

MAC – New York

My makeup addiction 🙂

Super cheap and quality products!

I have to control myself a lot when I walk into a MAC store.

The lipsticks (US$14.00) are my favorites as the variety of colors and textures are fantastic.

Ah, the bases also deserve attention (US$25.00).

There are several stores around the city, I did my shopping at 175 5th Avenue.

Shopping (for women) in New York

Bloomingdale's – New York

It's another department store where you can find all kinds of makeup and accessories like glasses, bags and scarves – from many famous brands (All of which are available at SEPHORA and at the same prices).

I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, super stylish, for US$92!

Not to mention the Eau de Beauté from Caudalie by US$12.

Address: 59th Street & Lexington Avenue, 1000 Third Avenue.

Woodbury Common Premium OutletsNew York

For those who have extra time in the city, you can book a trip to the biggest outlet Of region.

The trip is worth it for the affordable prices of famous brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Gucci, Nike, among many others.

We bought Lacoste polo collar shirts for US$80 and Levis jeans for US$40. 

Address: 498 Red Apple Court Central Valley.

Shopping (for women) in New York

Did you like the tips?! Of course, there are many other cool stores in New York, but these are the classic ones for (good quality) shopping without breaking the bank 🙂

Do you have any cool tips to share?

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