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Shopping and shopping tips

universal plug adapter

For those who travel a lot (me!), for leisure or work (me!), it is essential to have a universal plug adapter. Do you know why? Every place you go has a different type of plug and you have laptop and chargers with different nozzles as well. So how are you going to carry them if they don't fit the […]

inflatable neck pillow

That's right! Having an inflatable neck pillow while traveling is a must for comfort. Nothing worse than wanting to take a nap and not having anything to support your neck! It is super cheap and has several models and colors. There are some that are not inflatable: they have countless types of comfortable materials. […]

baby layette in the United States

Baby layette in the United States: What was really worth buying More than a year after making the baby layette in the United States (more specifically in Miami), I feel free to write this post and analyze what was worth it purchase. When we are pregnant with our first child, we want to buy […]