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Ross Dress for Less

That moment of the trip you've been waiting for: Ross – Dress for Less, with lots of wonderful products and prices! Enjoy the tips I will give here in this post!

Ross Dress for Less

This store has a lot of things, it dresses the whole family, the house and the dogs and cats (which also
are family)!

Allow 2-3 hours to look at everything, or even a whole morning or afternoon if you have the time!

Imagine a lot of clothes, shoes, glasses, makeup, perfumes, children's clothing, toys, decor, bags, kitchen items, table and bed.

It's really a lot!

ross clothes

In the clothing section, you can try it on, so that's just going to take a long time (lol)

I kept looking at prices and obviously converting to assess whether I had an advantage. And yes, it's really worth it!

All they have there are famous brands that would cost double or even triple the value of the store. label in Brazil.

TIP: these stores have different prices because the items have some specificity between them: some manufacturing defect, out of fashion, few numbers or not successful in sales.

Within these options, it's always good to take a good look at the piece you're going to buy so you won't be disappointed when you get home.

The label specifies if there is any defect:

ross tag

It's worth the investment, however be careful!

What is worth buying at Ross

For those who practice sports, for example: running. buy sneakers it's a great option.

The variation in prices is very large.

ross sneakers

Tip: Search the internet for sneaker models, check prices, quality and brands, so that when you're at Ross, you'll know if the product will really be worth it (I'm sure it'll make a big difference!).

ross shoes

Children clothes they are also great options 🙂 and they are of great quality, we did an article about  baby layette in the United States enjoy and go check out our tips!

ross baby trousseau

travel bags, on our first trip, this was one of the objectives, to buy a large suitcase, we searched the internet and we didn't buy it on the first Ross we went, it took a while, and we found! 

ross travel bags

For the ladies who love makeup, there is also a lot of cheap and branded stuff. Women's bags too, makes you want to take several! 

ross perfumery
ross bags

There are sunglasses, there are several, one more beautiful than the other.

Tip: if you can go through morning, you will find the store more organized and the products of better quality, in the afternoon, the store is usually a mess and some items are broken or torn.

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