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What to wear to travel

If you still have no idea how to dress for your flight, here in this article I will give you tips on what to wear for travel. Let's go?!

frequently asked questions

Three frequently asked questions that every woman asks about travel is: What to pack? How to pack? And what to wear to travel?

You are like that too, rest assured that this is very natural!

celebrities and their looks to ride a plane


first think about comfort.

The longer the trip, the more comfortable your clothes will be. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than spending 12 hours (or more!) on a plane in tight pants, uncomfortable shoes or a short shirt.

Of course, on short flights or/and for work, sometimes you need to wear high heels, a pantsuit, a pencil skirt – but these are short flights!

There is nothing worse (and tacky!) than a person who is going on a long trip, wearing high heels, shiny dresses, bracelets and necklaces with a thousand rounds, huge earrings, belts and so on… Imagine this person passing through the security of the airport, having to remove all this to be able to go through the X-ray and you having to wait…. And even for yourself, having to “disassemble the look” and then “assemble” it again… what a pain!

clothes to wear on the plane

As a Brazilian, I can give my opinion: I think that Brazilians travel very “empiricized”. It must be because of that old story: “if I’m not well groomed, I’m more likely to be picked on at immigration.”.

Speaks seriously! I have never heard of anyone being deported because they were traveling in sweats and sneakers…

What to wear on the plane?

Think basic, comfortable clothes that make you feel good!

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My choices are always basic and super comfortable and that always use:


I feel very cold, always! And any wind I'm already in agony. So, I already have a basic black coat fixed in my carry-on bag.

It keeps your neck warm and can turn into a mini-blanket during a trip.


jump: no🇧🇷 Adding a bag, a ticket, a coat and heels is a task for a juggler.

At sneakers, oxfords and the like are your best friends and of course good tennis.


You can't imagine having your legs hanging out for long hours on a plane that looks like Alaska!

Leggings and loose or sweatpants are best.

They warm up and leave the movements free. In addition, in that mini space, skirts or the like can leave out what shouldn't be.

long shirt

They are very comfortable and match any pants, leggings you are wearing.

Enjoy and take along a half season jacket, or sweatshirt, you will always wear it!

Clothing tips for men to wear on the plane

Man is the easiest piece to wear.

Throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, or sweatpants and a mid-season coat and you're done!

airplane riding clothes

As well as good tennis shoes. Do not try to wear tight shoes or pants!

Remember comfort first!

Finally, I hope I have helped with the tips, enjoy and also read:

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