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rural tourism

Discover here in this post the main places in Brazil that work with rural tourism and that you need to visit one day. Breathtaking places that make you not want to go back home.

But after all, you know what the rural tourism? What can you find and what can you enjoy?

I will explain everything here!

What is rural tourism?

It is a form of tourism, also known as agrotourism, carried out in rural areas.

With main objective: to allow everyone the direct and genuine contact with nature, with the animals that exist in the place, with agriculture and knowing the methods of producing food in the field.

Each property produces its own food and shares this experience with tourists.

Many have never seen how to milk a cow or harvest a beetroot, and these moments are amazing!

Farmers produce everything: cassava flour, corn flour, honey, cheese, dulce de leche, chimias and pumpkin sweets, guava, banana and much more.

There are many delicacies to taste in the famous colonial cafes.

In addition, many families work with tourism Rural and Ecological, without the use of pesticides anywhere on the property.

Benefits of rural tourism

· place for rest, to relieve the tension and stress caused by everyday life in big cities;

· experience unique country life experiences;

· The prices for getting to know places like this are generally accessible to anyone besides

many places are free of charge, only charging for products that

are marketed locally;

·  Physical and mental health thanks you! You will walk through several trails and fields, in addition to breathing fresh air and with all the tranquility that country life offers;

·   Try different foods and recipes, with that taste of grandma. In addition to several new flavors that are regional and wonderful.

 Rural tourism – Amazing places

I'll give you some tips on wonderful places with rural tourism that you need to know!

Path of the Canyons

The path of the Canyons is formed by the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Park, located between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

There are countless farmers who have become entrepreneurs and who today work with rural tourism.

This region is amazing, being possible to go hiking, camping, horseback riding, picnics and much more.

Valley of the Vineyards

Located in the Serra Gaúcha region, between Bento Gonçalves, Gramado, Canela and many other municipalities.

It represents the historical, cultural and gastronomic legacy left by Italian immigrants.

There are countless rural properties, family wineries. Bistros, ateliers, handicrafts and a lot of history.

You will be delighted!

Region of Vassouras

Located in Rio de Janeiro, it has a great coffee culture and a lot of history from the 19th century.

Old mansions and even the Coffee Festival, all with lots of typical food from the region and lots of nature, green fields and enchanting landscapes.

Route of the Café Verde de Baturité

Beautiful coffee farms on the shores of the Atlantic Forest and a lot of regional culture.

This route is located in Ceará, focused on organic and artisanal production shared with visitors.


In the state of Minas Gerias there are different and beautiful places to discover rural tourism.

For lovers of stills, there are countless located in beautiful coffee farms.

In addition, beautiful natural reserves and the famous Minas delicacies as an example: cheeses, salamis and much more.

rural tourism

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips! There are many other places throughout Brazil, a tip: when you go to a city, research what rural tourism has to offer in the region, open your horizons and enjoy all the best that each region has to offer.

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