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Summer of Bariloche: 5 days itinerary

Discover here what to do in the summer of Bariloche: 5 days itinerary, if you have doubts about what to do there, here we will help you to enjoy your vacation in the best way!


Its name: San Carlos de Bariloche and affectionately called only as Bariloche, a beautiful city in the Argentine Patagonia region.

Famous for its delicious chocolates and for its charming view of the Cuíço Alpine style, surrounded by the Andes Mountains.


But what many don't know, is what can be done during the summer, have you ever thought that the values there are much more affordable in the low season?!

What to do in the summer in Bariloche?

Enjoying the winter in Bariloche is synonymous with taking advantage of all the infrastructure of the city's ski centers to learn to ski and risk some maneuvers of snowboard.

So, what to do during the other seasons of the year?

There are numerous options for activities offered to be carried out mainly in the summer (with the exception of winter sports), perhaps even more attractive for those who appreciate beautiful landscapes and are quite adventurous.

We came to the conclusion that: “Bariloche without snow: Beautiful in every way.”

Haccommodation in Bariloche

My only requirement was for a hotel overlooking the Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Bariloche offers numerous hotel options and after much searching we ended up opting for the Hotel Design Suites.

The choice couldn't have been better (lol) because at check-in we got an upgrade in our room category.

It was the biggest and most luxurious room I have ever stayed in in all my travels.

Too bad that with so much activity outside the hotel we ended up not enjoying everything it had to offer. The only negative point of the hotel was: the heating system is so good that we were very hot.

5-Day Itinerary in Bariloche

Route of the 7 Lakes Tour

1st Day:

We cover 108 km, starting from Villa La Angostura to the city of San Martín de Los Andes, the drive time takes approximately 3 hours.

There are more than 7 amazing lakes along this route (a little more than the name of the tour), it's really worth it!

Along the way, it is possible to stop at some of them and do activities available in some places, such as kayaking, walking in the surroundings, having a snack and enjoying the scenery.

At night we went to Calle Miter which is the main shopping street, restaurants and shops in Bariloche. Great for tasting a good chocolate, having a coffee or hot chocolate, shopping and lunch/dinner.

Excursion to Nahuel Huapi National Park

2nd day:

Some local tour operators offer this tour for a single day from San Carlos de Bariloche and through the Vestiquero Negro, Hosteria Pampa Linda, Cerro Tronador, Lake Mascardi, Lake Guilhelmo, Lake Gutierrez, Rio Manso and the Garganta del Diablos and Las Nalcas Waterfalls .

Choose the option that is best for your budget and depending on your available time.

Circuito Chico + Cerro Campanário

3rd Day:

It is the most basic and popular tour in Bariloche.

The route covers 65 km and passes through the Nahuel Huapi Park bordering the entire lake, Cerro Campanario, Lake Moreno, Capilla San Eduardo, Hotel llao Llao and Puerto Pañuelo.

Several agencies promote the tour, but we opted for a private tour already contracted with our tour operator in Brazil.

It was a little more expensive, but it was worth having a person who would only take the route of our interest and be able to enjoy our time in each place.

Another favorable factor was avoiding those stops to deceive tourists at local product stores.

The stop at Cerro Campanário is to leave anyone impressed with such beauty!

The eyes never get tired of contemplating mountains cut by the lake, drawing an unforgettable landscape.

In the evening, we went to visit the civic center of the city, which features National Historic Monuments built in a medieval style around a small square.

Cerro Catedral + Cerro Otto

4th Day:

Cerro Catedral is a mountain located 19 km from San Carlos de Bariloche within the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina that has a ski resort with about 53 slopes of different difficulty levels and its maximum altitude is 2189 meters.

Its base has a complete infrastructure with several stores, restaurants, shopping, ski and snowboard schools, clothing and equipment rental stores, hotels and ample parking.

We went with a private tour from a local agency on a half day tour, as our focus was just to enjoy the scenery. There are options for various activities such as mountain bike, trekking, horseback riding and mountain board (skateboard) inside Cerro Catedral.

Cerro Otto has the structure of a cable car that gives access to Confeitaria Giratória. Our stop there was for lunch and to enjoy the 360° view of the city. The trip takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Isla Victoria + Bosque Arrayanes

5th Day:

During the morning we took a walk along Lake Nahuel Huapi to the Cathedral to appreciate its neo-gothic style.

In the afternoon we went to Puerto Pañuelo to start the excursion to Isla Victoria and Bosque Arrayanes.

The navigation is through Nahuel Huapi Lake framed by the Andes Mountains with a duration of approximately 30 minutes until the first stop on Isla Victoria.

Landing on Isla Victoria, we took a trail to Playa del Toro and had free time to enjoy other beauties on the island.

We return to the catamaran and continue sailing to Bosque de Arrayanes, where we have free time for a walk among the Arrayan trees.

This forest inspired Walt Disney to create the movie Bambi.

Where to eat in Barilochand

Below are some tips on places we visited in these 5 days:

Weiss family: we tried the meat found and we loved it, but there are other options for dishes.

La Alpina: we ate a trout with divine almond sauce.

El Boliche Del Alberto: we ate a Patagonian deer. Honestly, by the tradition of the place the food was not that spectacular.

Mamuska Chocolatier

Rapa Nui Chocolate Shop: I recommend the raspberry milkshake. In fact, I liked Rapa Nui a lot more than Mamuska.

Summer of Bariloche: 5 days itinerary

Did you like the tips? Comment here on the post and if you have any questions, we will love to be able to help!

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