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Start » Puerto Natales: discover the Chilean Patagonia

Puerto Natales: discover the Chilean Patagonia

Puerto Natales: discover the Chilean Patagonia

Puerto Natales: be surprised by Chilean Patagonia, a paradise in the midst of mountains, snow and lots of adventure. Here in this post we will give tips on how to explore this charming place.

Regardless of how you intend to explore the Chilean Patagonia the first thing that must be defined is the time and cost of your trip.

This destination caters from the most adventurous travelers to the most demanding tourists. What really matters is being there!

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Puerto Natales

We have always had an immense desire to know the Torres Del Paine National Park and we don't hesitate to include some of the main attractions of Chilean Patagonia in our trip to Patagonia Argentina.

However, the little time available to the region would not allow us to do everything we had planned. In view of this, we need to analyze alternatives to be able to comply with the initial schedule.

Puerto Natales

So, what was left for us was to use the same trick and enjoy the trip within our availability and budget.

Program – Puerto Natales

thinking about the best cost X benefit, we chose to depart from El Calafate by bus to Puerto Natales with the company Cootra for CLP 27 000 (Chilean pesos) one way/person and use this small town as a base to explore what really interested us, namely, Torres National Park Del Paine and the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers.

The ticket can be purchased at the bus station in El Calafate or with the local tour agency Tour Express through email contact and payment by bank deposit. We made the deposit with the agency and collected the tickets at the bus station.

 Program - Puerto Natales

The trip, 290 km, is quiet and the roads have excellent infrastructure, but a bit long and tiring (approximately 7 hours) due to the Argentine and Chilean customs procedures.

HOW MUCH TIME stay in Puerto Natales

We book 4 days for Chilean Patagonia, being:

Day 1: El Calafate – Puerto Natales

Day 2: Puerto Natales – Tour to Torres Del Paine National Park

3rd Day: Puerto Natales – Navigation through the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers

Day 4: Puerto Natales – El Calafate

The only negative point was not having time to trek to the base of the Tower.

Puerto Natales

ACCOMMODATION – Puerto Natales

Through Booking We reviewed the directions and booked Casa Lucy.

Casa Lucy is a Bed & Breakfast that made our first experience in this accommodation system super pleasant. We like it so much that we will use it on other occasions.

Strengths: Lucy was very attentive and receptive, made us very comfortable and gave us all the necessary information to get to know the city, as well as worrying about breakfast time to be served according to the scheduled departure time of each tour. Unlike other cities in Patagonia, breakfast had a good variety and diversity with fruit juice, fruits, coffee, milk, yogurt, bread, cold cuts and cake.

Negative points: It is not very close to the center, approximately 10 – 15 minutes walk. But the taxi service is indispensable. We only use the bus station – Casa Lucy and Casa Lucy/Rodoviária on account of our luggage.

TOURISM AGENCY – Puerto Natales

As recommended by Ricardo Freire, we used the agency express tour for two excursions: Tour Torres del Paine and Navigation through the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers. All contact, reservations and payments were made by email and bank deposit. We approve and also indicate the company!

Overview of the trip to Puerto Natales

Our stay in Puerto Natales met our real need to make tourism with comfort and get to know what we had really planned.

Puerto Natales by itself is a city without major attractions, but as a base city for the Torres Del Paine National Park, it is the best alternative for tourists who do not like camping and are looking for cheaper accommodation than the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa or the Explore Patagonia Hotel & Spa.

Puerto Natales: discover the Chilean Patagonia

Finally, we hope you enjoyed our adventure and enjoy our tips!

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