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Things to do in Ushuaia – Land of the End of the World

Find out what to do in Ushuaia – Land of the End of the World, if you are a person who loves exploring places, Ushuaia won our hearts. Small place, easy to walk through its streets walking and going up the snow-capped mountains.

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Ushuaia – Land of the End of the World

It is a small city, with its 23km², better known as “el fim del mundo” or the end of the world (in Portuguese), located in the extreme south of the world near Antarctica.

The Tierra del Fuego Archipelago is divided between Chile and Argentina. Its distance from the capital Buenos Aires is 3,078.2 km, approximately 37 hours by land vehicle or 3:40′ hours by plane.

Dedicated entirely to tourism, the people there are receptive and super discreet, used to receiving people from all over the world.


You need to plan ahead before arriving. Start by searching for tourism agencies, such as: Brasileiros no Ushuaia, Antartur Evt Turismo Aventura, Latitud Ushuaia, Ushuaia Aventura and etc.

As you can see, there are many agencies and all of them are highly rated by google. When we went, we chose “Brazilians in Ushuaia”, because they are Brazilians and communication is easier (Portuguese), follow the website link:

As there is a lot of activity in the snow, we didn't know how to do it and the risk we would take going up the mountains alone, so better to have a guide. Through this same agency, we carry out the transfer from the airport to the hotel on arrival and departure, as a gift for the purchase of other activities.  

Almost all agencies or hotels offer this bonus, don't forget: you need to have something booked for your arrival, the airport is a bit far from the city.

We have a video from our youtube channel that shows you in a minute what to do in Ushuaia

alpine ski lesson

A bus takes tourists to a ski resort, and a teacher explains how to walk, gives some tips in Spanish, that is, we understand some things and take care of the way he explained in practice.

It was a lot of fun and of course, I couldn't miss the falls in the snow.

Emerald Lagoon

Emerald Lagoon

It is possible to know it only in the summer, this is because in winter it is completely frozen and it is impossible to appreciate its beauty, which is characterized by the beautiful color of the emerald green water, surrounded by mountains.

Tierra Del Fuego National Park or Tierra del Fuego

This park should be on your itinerary, bathed by the Beagle Channel, it has a beautiful green area (in summer) and green with snow (in winter) with about 63 thousand hectares of area.

Tierra Del Fuego National Park or Tierra del Fuego

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, lots of green areas, animals such as birds and beavers, make your view charming and charming.

You can reserve a whole day to get to know it, doing trails with different levels of difficulty: trails such as Senda Costanera, Laguna Negra, Las Lengas Circuit, among others.

Rest assured that you have a map with all the trails and the names of the lakes you will visit, one of the most famous being: Lapataía Bay (end of Route N3), Lake Roca, the castonera.

Route N3, which is in the park, is well known for being the end of the route that is part of the Pan-American highway system. In the park you also know the train of the end of the world.

end of the world train

The train used to be responsible for carrying prisoners to fetch firewood.


This train ride takes around an hour, with a stop to enjoy the scenery and take pictures, in addition to the photos you can take along the way.

Martial Glacier

It is approximately 7 km from the city center, you can do it walking and take the opportunity to take the trails that exist in the middle of the way or by cable car.

We consider the trails to be much more fun, with a beautiful landscape and the best in the middle of nature, but be careful because they are very steep and if you are unprepared or without proper footwear, you can cause a knee or foot injury.

Martial Glacier

Arriving at the base (bottom of the glacier), there is a charming tea house La Cabaña, go see it and enjoy a hot coffee or tea, and there are other activities that can be done, such as zip lining, bike through the woods to town and snowboard on a track made just for that activity. 

There is also a shop to rent cold weather clothes, clips to put on your feet (it helps you not to slip in the snow, it's very important), snowboard equipment and poles. Better for your balance in the snow, and then you'll be ready to climb to the highest peak or as far as your body can take on this long and fascinating climb!

The trails and the ascent to the Glacial are free, we did it twice, one day with little snow and another day with a lot of snow. We didn't take water, we only carried a bottle and took water from the streams that we found on the way.

Beagle Channel Navigation

This route is very beautiful, but a tip: if you are not used to riding on sea vessels, take some medicine for seasickness, no one gave me this tip and I (and half of the crew) ended up missing half the tour because we got tangled up , but it was also fun, one more story to tell (heheh).

Beagle Channel Navigation

This tour takes around 2 hours, you get to know the lighthouse at the end of the world and stop at some islands to take pictures of the penguins and sea lions, then stop on an island for about 15 minutes to walk and you will probably find more inguins.

helicopter overflights

To do this tour, there are some different itineraries, such as: getting to know the Esmeralda Laguna, tour only through the city, tour with landing in the Andes mountain range and flights lasting 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Dog sleds

This tour is very nice, it is far from the city, it is good to go through a tourist agency, because they take you to the place.

Dog sleds

This tour lasts about 15 minutes, I confess that the dogs gave a little hard time, it seems that they make a lot of effort, but the men who help explained that in the snow it is easy to slide and the sleds are adapted for the snow, as if they had a ski in place. of the wheels.


This activity is a lot of fun, but a little dangerous, you need to be aware of accelerating, decelerating and turning, walking carefully and enjoying the wind, snow, cold and beautiful mountain scenery.

ushuaia snowmobile

Lasting 25 minutes, you'll walk a 5 km course and you can do as many laps as you want during that time.

Trekking in the woods

Guided walk through the woods, there are several. From one hour to 7 hours of walking, it is up to you to choose the degree of difficulty, but remember, they are all wonderful and charming.

butt ski

We are a child again!

With a kind of round plastic cover, you go up 50 meters on a hill, sit on this cover and slide down on the ice, and yes, you will scream, laugh a lot, roll around and you will want to do it again!!!!

End of the World Maritime Museum and Prison

This cultural tour you must do, it is in this prison, which today is a museum, where it all started in Ushuaia.

read all about Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison and watch our video:

Stamp in the passport

Next to the sea, there's the Tourist's house where you can take your passport to have it stamped, there are three types of stamps and of course, we put all three in our passports, because one is prettier than the other.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and if you have any more to add, we'd be happy to share them! To the next!

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