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What to do on Ushuaia nights

Do you know what to do on Ushuaia nights?! I'm sure that with our tips you will have a lot of fun! Remember that the cold, a beer and fun nights warm the heart, so let's go!

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What to do on Ushuaia nights

Ushuaia nights will never be forgotten! You will have so much fun!!!!

The days are very busy, especially in winter when it gets dark around 5 pm. So, what to do at night?!

If you, like us, are fond of good food with a beer or a cold beer,  the party will be guaranteed!

When we went, we didn't know what we would find on Ushuaia nights, so our option was to ask!

Pub Dublin, a great option for Ushuaia nightlife

indicated to us the pub Dublin, simply amazing!

pub dublin ushuaia

Service, atmosphere and food are all amazing! We ordered a cheese that is very famous, it comes with fries, oh for starters they serve some snacks on the table like toasted bread with oregano with a delicious sauce (we were almost satisfied) and of course with a beer!

ushuaia nights

There was music, happy people, a crowded pub, the style of the bar was very different from what we had seen before.

I'm sure whoever goes will not regret it! We forgot to take pictures of our food, we were so excited and happy that we ran out of time.

For those who enjoy a more sophisticated and “Americanized” style, there is Hard Hock Café, with some casino tables, good music and different food.

We ordered a typical dish, very tasty. It was our most zeem night.

ushuaia nights

night of pancho: it's a kind of bread with sausage, or hot dog, only it's different!

It's typical Argentine food! For those who want to save money, it's a very affordable price and hardly anyone won't want to eat, who tastes it: loves it!

We did ice cream night!

Yes, because in Ushuaia there are ice cream shops and they sell very well in winter. Their ice cream is very yummy, you'll have to try it!

You can stroll through the streets and enjoy the snow at night

 On our third day that it actually snowed, it was almost twenty-three hours and we were already in the room, when we looked at the street: we put on our clothes and ran out like children to play in the snow.

And amazingly, there were a lot of people doing the same, walking, taking pictures, calling friends and sharing that unique moment!

We hope you can experience the same and share it with us! It has several restaurants and pubs, we mention these options because they were the places we went, tasted and approved.

We would be happy to hear about your experience, which restaurant or pub did you go to last night?

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