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Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison

Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison

Here in this post I will share everything about the Maritime Museum of the Presidio De Ushuaia, discover how it was and how it is today. Book a tour of the prison, there is a lot of history in this place!

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Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison

At one point in history, Ushuaia was once a place where no one wanted to live and its first residents were prisoners sent from all over Argentina. The famous “Ushuaia Prison”, now a museum: Museo Marítimo y del Presidio de Ushuaia (Maritime Museum of the Ushuaia Prison), was built there as a repopulation strategy, it began to be erected in 1902, built by Argentine military prisoners.

Later he received other types of prisoners, including those of a political nature.

To facilitate their locomotion, the End of the World Train was built, which took prisoners to chop wood and fetch building materials, in what is now the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

As a result, workers from other regions came to develop different activities in the city.

The prison remained until 1947, when Juan Perón ordered its closure.

Some historians say that the reason for the closure of the prison's activities would be for humanitarian reasons, others say that the financial cost was too high.

The photo below is a wing of the prison that has been kept as the original:

Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison
Wing kept as it used to be
Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Prison

The entrance to the museum begins with penguins and ships, their stories of expeditions considered dangerous by Patagonia with people of different nationalities, all of this in the 20th century.

Inside the cells, there are life-size images of prisoners made of wax and documents that tell the reasons that led them to prison, objects they used to try to escape.

Paintings on the wall symbolizing a hole they made, as well as the police officers' clothes and weapons.

In the part where it is not renovated, the temperature is super cold, people end up staying in this environment for a short time, even though it is spiritually heavy, it is an environment with many stories but it is worth knowing.

To get to the prison you can walk, if you are in the center, it takes approximately 20 minutes and so you will already enjoy the city and the snow landscape on the peak of the mountains.

End of the World Prison

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