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How to pack your travel bag?

This is one of the biggest problems we encounter before going on a trip. How to pack your suitcase? What is needed that I can't forget?

I'll give you the step by step so you don't leave anything out and don't overdo it in your bag. Remember that more things will probably come back: for example those souvenirs and new clothes. So book a little space!

Are you going to travel by plane, car or bus?

How to pack your travel bag?

This is our first point:

By airplane: you will have to check/verify with your airline what the rules are and what you are entitled to.

Take a note: check with the airline the size of allowed luggage: carry-on and checked-in.

For example:

international flights

On international trips, you can take one carry-on bag and one checked bag weighing 23 kg. There are already others that authorize only hand luggage.

national flights

On the vast majority of domestic flights you are entitled to take only one carry-on bag, weighing 10 kg and that's enough.

If you are only entitled to carry-on luggage, check the prohibited items, such as:

  • Perforators or sharps (example: scissors, penknife, razor blade);
  • Explosives;
  • Magnetics and various gases;
  • Tools (example: hammer, pliers, wrench);
  • Fire gun;
  • Ampoules and syringes;
  • Oxidizing and radioactive;
  • Poisonous and flammable;
  • Bottles containing aerosol and cream liquids over 100ml (example: aerool deodorants).

Take a note: Check all prohibited items (with restrictions) as your airline informs.

Remembering that each airline may have some specificity, so stay tuned!

By car

Now it's easier! However, this is if you are alone, however if there are 5 people. Then you'll need to think about the space everyone needs.

Tip: don't put suitcases on the passenger's feet or lap, it's dangerous! In case of an accident, if you have a sharp item, it could hurt you, in addition to another possibility, such as: leaving you locked to leave the vehicle in an emergency.

The most important thing is to preserve and guarantee the safety of all crew members, in addition to everyone being comfortable in their proper places in the vehicle.

By bus

To travel by bus you will have to be as careful as by car.

Hint: use only a suitcase so as not to be in danger of forgetting it in the trunk of the bus. Carry a small bag with you in your seat that contains your documents and valuables.

Time to pack: How to pack your suitcase?

At this point, you will need to answer a few questions:

  • Weather: will it be hot or cold?
  • Purpose of travel: business or pleasure?
  • Duration: how many days is your trip?
  • Activities: Are you going camping, hiking, swimming, fishing?

After answering these questions, you'll know where to start!

Tip: if you are going for a walk, go with sneakers on your feet to avoid taking up space in your suitcase.

If you go to a club, take shoes that you can use at other times of your day or put on a more casual look that can be worn combined with other looks in your bag. Ex: a bodysuit that can be a swimsuit.

Take note: some important items:

travel bag items
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Underpants or panties;
  • Bra;
  • Trunks;
  • Bikini;
  • Canga;
  • Hat; hat and gloves (if heading out in the cold)
  • Cell phone charger and plug adapters;
  • hair brush
  • And the basic clothes.
  • Your toiletry bag is one item that takes up a big place in your suitcase, so don't wait to organize it at the last minute!

Remembering that it all depends on where and how many days your trip is.

Valuable techniques ofhow to pack your suitcase

They exist two techniques very important to save space in your suitcase:

Roll your clothes: just fold it in half and then roll it up. This method makes it easier to find your clothes in your suitcase and takes up less space.

Vacuum packaging: this is an option that will make your life a lot easier! There are packages of various sizes, which are vacuum-sealed.

That is, they help to fit large-volume clothes in your suitcase. Or even further reduce the volume of several pieces, for example: underwear, put them all inside the bag and remove the air.

To get the air out of these packages, you can use a vacuum cleaner, placing the pipe in the hole in the package. Or, there are packages that already have the methods of removing the air without needing a vacuum cleaner.

Tip 1:

Sockets to put in your charger cell phone or notebook, not always at your destination will have the same plug pattern. So research before leaving home. For example, in the USA the socket is different from Brazil.

tip 2:

Bath towels, if you stay in a hotel, they always provide bath towels. If in doubt, contact the hotel.

 So, avoid taking unnecessary items that take up a giant space in your suitcase!

Tip 3:

Comfortable clothes, take clothes with you that make you very comfortable, being comfortable on a trip will save your day!

Tip 4:

Know how to put together looks that match, that is, that are versatile. For example: a pair of denim shorts can be combined with several coats, tank tops or bodysuits. Denim shorts combine with a tank top or T-shirt.

Know how to play with your looks! Optimize your suitcase space!

Tip 5:

Neck pillow: I consider this item super important, because I know what it's like to stay more than 7 hours on a plane and have neck pain.

So guarantee your pillow, besides, you can carry it around your neck! You don't even need to put it in your suitcase!

Tip 6:

Dleave space for your purchases🇧🇷 Whenever we travel, we come back with gifts and purchases, so don't forget to reserve a space!

For example, when I went to the US I wanted to buy some sneakers, so I didn't take any and I came back very happy with my new sneakers on my feet!

Finally, I hope I helped in this initial adventure! It is just as important to tidy them up as it is to prepare your heart for your adventures, work or studies. Prepare everything with lightness and peace, in the end everything will work out!

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