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Facts about the USA

Here in this post, you will learn about the curiosities about the USA that you had no idea about! From how to travel and enjoy earning money, American salary and much more.

Prohibited to drink alcohol on the streets

If you're on the streets of the United States and want to have a beer, be careful, because it's forbidden to drink alcohol on the streets or in public places.

Prohibited to drink alcohol on the streets

When you go to buy beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage, they will ask for your identity document to find out your age (prohibited for sale to under 21 years old).

If you buy it at convenience stores, they will put the drink in a cardboard bag.

Toilet paper

Americans put the toilet paper in the toilet, and only items like tampons or packaging go to the bathroom trash.

toilet paper in usa

US minimum wage

American dollar

The minimum wage is calculated per hour worked, approved since 2009 by the US government.

Its value is US$7.25/hr worked, the equivalent in Brazil converted by R$5.00 (exchange rate), would give a total of R$36.25/h, as we work around 8 hours a day, would give R$290.00 per day, or US$58.

Many tourists who stay for a longer period and who don't have that much money to spend, take temporary jobs and thus enjoy their vacation a little more.

Highest point in USA

The highest point in the United States is Mount McKinley in the Alaska, with your 6,194 meters of altitude.

His original name is Denali, which means "the biggest" (the big one).


The mountain range is more than 900 km long, and at the highest peak the temperature can reach 70° below zero, in addition to strong winds that can reach 240km/h.

states of the united states

The USA has 50 states which originated the name of the country (United States of America), and each state has its own laws.

Each state is divided into counties.

Lowest cost of living in the US

As per site survey Monetary Rates in 2015, the state is Texas.


used review with parameters such as: average salary, taxes charged to taxpayers, cost of living, unemployment rate and state insurance.

Most Visited State in the USA

There are approximately 40 million tourists every year in the state of New York.

New York

Being considered one of the best places to live in the world.

For your curiosity, the second most visited is Florida (being one of the reasons walt disney).

americans love donuts

Annually, approx. 10 billion donuts by Americans..


There are countless flavors between sweet and savory. Sweets: baked, with dulce de leche, with Nutella, with condensed milk, with chocolate, with pastry cream, with ovaltine and much more. Savory: chicken, cheese, simple pasta, oregano, grains and much more.

United states's flag

The red symbolizes the resistance and the courage, the white one purity and the innocence and the blue symbolizes surveillanceperseverance and justice.

They exist 50 stars, representing their states. The thirteen white and red bands represent the thirteen colonies.

USA flag

Texas was part of Mexico

Until the year 1834, Texas was a Mexican state. However, the state went through a revolution: the Texas Revolution, becoming independent (a country) until the 1895, called the Republic of Texas.

After many agreements, it became American territory.

US elections

usa elections

Different from Brazil, the USA still do the voting through the printed vote, in paper ballots placed in a ballot box and the voting is not obligatory.

united states map

united states map

american breakfast

Breakfast is the most important moment for Americans, it is the most elaborate meal. That's because lunch is usually just a snack.

We have an article that talks all about the american breakfast, with those delicious scrambled eggs and bacon, or with donuts and whaffer.

american coffee

Impossible to travel and not taste these delights.

And don't worry, hotels have everything warm waiting for you!

Americans love fasf food

Exactly, and everything is very fast, you wait a few minutes and your high-calorie snack comes out hot!

fast food

There are so many hamburgers that you are in doubt where to go, I confess that we chose to try them all and they have different ones that are wonderful.

americans are polite

One thing that called our attention a lot (within the national and state parks) is when someone loses something, such as a coat or cap.

Nobody takes it out of the place, the most that is done is to take it from the middle of the road (so that no one can drive over it), you can return and make your route and you will find your lost item.

But of course that doesn't apply in big cities like Vegas or California, where there are people from all over the world.

Facts about the USA

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the American trivia. Have you ever been to the USA?

Share your experience with us!

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