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Grand Canyon – USA

Grand Canyon – USA the most sought after park by tourists from all over the world. Discover here in this post how to get there, what to do in this immensity with 2 million years in the history of geology with its indescribable contrast of colors and cliffs.

A little about the park: Grand Canyon – USA

Grand Canyon – USA

Located in the state of Arizona, in the north of the state. It attracts millions of tourists daily, around 5 million a year.

Its formation is due to millions of years, with passages of the Colorado River that was sculpting the place, passing through the middle of the park with its whitewater rapids.

Its width is 16 km per 1.6 km in depth along its length of 445 km.


Grand Canyon – USA map

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon: 406 km to 442 km (accessible via two routes);

Los Angeles to Grand Canyon: 780 km;

San Francisco to Grand Canyon: 1,200km

Miami to Grand Canyon: 3,900 km

The ideal thing is that you check exactly where you are and depending on the location, it would be good to go by plane to the nearest airport. Which in this case would be the Las Vegas (International) airport.

How to get to the Grand Canyon

go grand canyon by car

You can choose to go by car or with a travel agency (before it was possible to access it by helicopter, today there is no longer an airstrip).

I confess that my experience in going by car it's indescribable, because you drive and little by little the landscape will shape itself according to what you intend to find in the immensity of the canyon.

From Las Vegas to the park it takes an average of 4 hours, but rest assured that the roads are wonderful and it will be well worth it!

But of course, if you prefer to go more relaxed, you can hire a travel agency and go on an excursion, chartering a van or bus.

How much does it cost to enter the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon park entrance

Private vehicles: US$35

Motorcycles: US$30

Individual permit (if entering by bus, on foot, by bicycle, private rafting tours: US$20.

Arriving at Grand Canyon National Park

view of the Grand Canyon – USA

Describing it is a little bit of what it really feels like, but if you come across it you will have an indescribable feeling, it seems that your heart and chest are filled with pure air for the discovery of the infinite that is the landscape and the valley.

Just imagine, they are giant cliffs, in shades of red that together with the sky and the water of the Colorado River, make every second worth it!

Grand Canyon – USA

Well, you can imagine or at least feel a little bit of what this paradise is like.

Grand Canyon opening hours

It is open daily, 24 hours a day. With the exception Christmas Day (25th), January 1st, January 16th and February 20th.

But, before going to the park, visit the park's website to check if there are any restrictions on the day.

THE North Edge of the park is closed in winter from December 1st to May 14th.

The south bank that is the view of the Desert (East entrance) is always open.

What to do in the Grand Canyon

There are two sides to visiting the North and South bank. Most visitors only know the south bank, because it is easy to access, has more leisure options and is open all year round.

South Bank


park map - Grand Canyon - USA

Desert View (Desert View Campground)

There are 49 camping sites, with electrical connections, accommodating smaller tents or trailers. Reservations are required.

Trailer Village

It is the only RV campground in the park, with electrical hookups, full RV hookups (sewage, water..), accommodating up to 123 vehicles.

Mather Camp

Allowed for tents only, accommodating up to 55 tents, each space features a fire pit/grill, picnic table, car space and restrooms.

There are other places to camp outside the park.


grand canyon accommodation

Inside the park it is possible to stay in lodges near the edge of the canyon. It is best to check availability by making reservations in advance.

Bus tour inside the park

There are buses that run free of charge within the park and stop at various viewpoints with beautiful views of the canyons.


trails/hikes in the grand canyon

You will be able to walk a lot through the park and be dazzled by each route.

Desert View Watchtower

Desert View Watchtower

Inside the Tower there is a retail store open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Access is at ground level.

The Tower was built in 1932 to the design of Mary Colter and is based on the architecture of the ancestral Puebloan people of the Southeast.

Gas station

Open daily 24 hours a day, payment only at the pump with credit or debit card.

It is the only gas station on the South Bank, so if you're low on fuel, take the opportunity, as the next station will be 50km away.


On the east side of Desert View, you can do your camping purchases, like groceries, or souvenirs like t-shirts, key chains, mugs, and more.

Open from 9 am to 5 pm.

North Bank

north rim of the grand canyon

North Rim restaurants and grocery stores

Open daily, you will find a place to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a place with drinks, baked goods and a shop for campers with various camping items.

There are several stores.

Tips for enjoying the Grand Canyon

If you like to enjoy the place and walk a lot, the ideal is to always have a bottle of water and some groceries.

grand canyon hiking supplies

You'll be so dazzled that you'll lose track of time!

plan your route and the points you want to know within the park, the first step is to go to the Visitor Center and get the park map.

Grand Canyon – USA

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

Share with us your doubts and if you already know the park, share your experiences!

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