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Things to do in Austin – Texas

Discover things to do in Austin, Texas the US state capital. With its warm climate and many attractions for the whole family.

Double Decker Austin Single Loop Sightseeing Tour

Things to do in Austin - Texas

How about having fun in a guided tour?! And the best of all: by bus!

You'll learn all about Austin, you'll go through the tourist spots, and it'll be super fun!

Secret Food Austin Downtown Tours

Things to do in Austin - Texas

This tour is for those who love to know the typical gastronomy of the region.

You will visit restaurants that have the theme and cuisine of immigrants and people who marked every corner of the city.

There will be places with music and the guide will explain everything with a lot of fun.

brewery tour

Things to do in Austin - Texas]

For beer lovers, this tour is magnificent!

you will pass by 3 breweries, visit the facilities, learn the process of how beer is made and best of all: taste!

In addition, in the breweries it is possible to eat something and have fun.

Austin Aquarium

Things to do in Austin - Texas

Aquariums are great family outings, the kids love them!

In this aquarium there are several options with animals that interact with the children, such as: parakeets and the cute lemurs furry ones with ringed and red tails, fun and curious, makes you want to take them home.

Things to do in Austin - Texas

In addition, many reptiles, sharks, stingrays, turtles and a multitude of other animals from the aquatic world.

6th street

Things to do in Austin - Texas

Meet one of Austin's most famous streets, with lots of people, bars, music and fun.

A mixture of historic places, clubs, luxury restaurants, hippei hangouts, craft breweries, food trucks and many attractions.

Have a good time!

Dazzle the “clouds” of bats

Things to do in Austin - Texas

Exactly what you read, they are attractions that draw crowds at nightfall.

People gather on the Congress Avenue Bridge and wait for the sun to go down. With sharp noises, the cloud of bats approaches the buildings, passing over the Colorado River and forming beautiful landscapes in the sky.

Tourists are enchanted spread out too, on the shores of Lady Bird Lake or in bars on the street.

There are those who prefer to hire night boat trips and wait for the clouds of bats to pass.

It is possible to have several options and different angles to record the remarkable phenomenon of Austin.

parks in austin – Things to do in Austin – Texas

Austin has several parks with many rivers, spaces for picnics, boating, gardens and different architectures.

Below are some of the most visited:

Zilker Metropolitan Park

Things to do in Austin - Texas

Located in the center of Austin with a river of clean green water to take a refreshing bath, space to play, run, ride a scooter, in addition musical events are held.

The tip is to check the day you are in the center and find out if there will be any attractions, it will be a lot of fun!

Deep Eddy Pool

parks in austin

Great place to take a bath in giant pools, take the kids and enjoy it on a very hot day.

Marfield Park

parks in austin

Nice park to go with the family, hiking, hiking along streams (in times of drought it is possible to walk inside the river), meet peacocks and turtles.

Things to do in Austin – Texas

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

Enjoy and share your experiences with us!

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