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Things to do in Venice Beach, California

Walking along the boardwalk, riding a scooter, skateboarding or biking are some of the activities you can do in Venice Beach – California, in addition to enjoying the beach and the numerous shops and restaurants that are next to each other. Let's go?


Located south of Santa Monica, approximately 5 km from the pier.

what to do in Venice Beach – California

One of the most popular beaches we've ever been to, there you'll find everything! The bohemian side and an audience hipster(creative public and with independent thoughts).

The stores are camelódromos style like here in Brazil and everything with reasonable prices. There are numerous clothing stores, beach fashion, items to take away as souvenirs. Very cool, we bought several things there.

The energy of the people is very high spirits, families riding bicycles, rollerblading which are possible to hire?? Crowded beach and lots of people doing physical activity.

In addition to taking that walk to see everything, you can go to Santa Monica beach which is nearby and enjoy the sunset on the pier.

Venice Beach- California

Muscle Beach – Venice Beach

It's an outdoor gym famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, a place he frequented a lot to train.

It is on the edge of the beach, on the sand. Anyone can use it, but they will have to pay.

When we went there, they were shooting scenes for a movie, we didn't know for which movie. But it was a lot of fun to follow the scenes and behind the scenes a bit!

In addition to wanting to enter the scene, because it was full of police and there was a fight going on. However, we were finding it to be all true. Until I saw numerous cameras.

So don't be surprised if you bump into a movie scene, after all you are in the cradle of Hollywood.

Tip: be patient, the times we went, there are a lot of people everywhere and sometimes this makes access difficult in some places. But all in your time and everyone will enjoy the place.

Negative point. Marijuana consumption is legal in California, so you will pass a lot of people smoking on the street, so far so good.

 However, we went through a street a little “heavy”, they looked like other types of drugs and people a little Weird.

So, enjoy the place, however don't leave your bag on the floor and go enjoy the beach, it's a little risky there to get distracted (unfortunately), there are people from all over the world. It's not all flowers over there.

But nothing that will make the beach less charming, we love it!

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