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Places to enjoy winter in Brazil

Here in this post I will share with you some of the best places to enjoy winter in Brazil. With that cold, fireplace and good company.

Winter is coming here in Brazil, and this post will make those who love this season want to pack their bags.

There are countless cities that can provide you, dear reader who is already preparing your gloves and scarves, an extremely positive experience for the coming winter.

See below a small sample of the places that will be waiting for you:

Lawn - LOL

Gramado is a charming city in Rio Grande do Sul, 125 km from Porto Alegre.

The city has a huge variety of restaurants and cafes where it will be extremely pleasant to have a delicious hot chocolate next to pleasant company, or a colonial coffee.

Lawn lol

In addition, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the city's attractions such as the center of Gramado itself, take that famous photo at the city portal, visit Santa Claus in his village in Knorr Park and do some shopping on Rua Coberta.

Gramado rs- Rua Borges de Medeiros

In the post Gramado: Things to do in Gramado, you can find complete information about that destination.

Cinnamon – RS

Continuing through this region, we find Canela. City 8 km from Gramado that can be visited in conjunction with it.

Here you can visit parks such as Floresta Encantada, Ferradura and Parque do Caracol, which has a beautiful waterfall of the same name, with a drop of 130 meters.

You can also visit the Stone Cathedral with a carillon of 12 bronze bells, the Flor do Vale Alambique or have a little fun at Alpen Park.

cinnamon lol

Bento Gonçalves - LOL

But if this winter, what you really want is taste some wines. Visit Bento Gonçalves!

The city has a beer route, beautiful vineyards and charming farms with colonial cafes.

Bento Gonçalves

Enjoy and also read: Salton Winery in Bento Gonçalves.

Curitiba – PR

In the state of Paraná, the city of Curitiba will enchant you with its Oscar Niemeyer museum, and other fabulous buildings such as the Teatro Ópera de Arame and the greenhouse at the Botanical Garden, made of iron and glass.

In this article we talk more about: Curitiba tourist attractions.

You will also be impressed by the organization and cleanliness of the city, which makes its more than 30 parks and forests even better, which represent a good outdoor option for residents and visitors.

And definitely, once in Curitiba, be sure to visit and dine in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, which still bears traces of the Italian colony.


Campos do Jordão – SP

If you have a scheduled trip to São Paulo, I suggest that after arriving in the capital, take the road and discover Campos do Jordão, just 2 hours from Sampa.

Here you will enjoy a somewhat charming chill, even more so if you stay in hotels whose architecture and decor are inspired by the houses in the Bavarian region of Germany. And the center of the city will be exactly the same.

fields of jordao sp

Take the opportunity to buy lots of knitwear, eat all kinds of fondues and enjoy the chocolates there.

But beyond that, there are a number of attractions you can see and activities to do.

Tiradentes – MG

In the state of Minas Gerais, you will find a small town with 220,000 inhabitants, 190 km from the capital, Belo Horizonte, which also impresses with its architecture. But this time, it's the colonial architecture that will catch your eye.

A village that portrays the colonial period in Brazil very well in its churches, cobbled streets and sacred art crafts.

Tiradentes MG

If the idea is to stay close to the “hustle”, stay close to the historic center. But if, on the contrary, you want a bit of isolation, stay at the inns at the foot of the mountains.

Places to enjoy winter in Brazil

Did you like our tips?! Enjoy and share your experiences here. Have you been to any of these places?

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