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Places to travel in SP

Discover here in this post the beautiful beaches, tourist attractions and the main places to travel in SP. There are so many amazing places that you will want to pack your bags soon!

São Paulo has 645 municipalities with beautiful beaches, lots of nature and gastronomy.

Here are some amazing places you need to put on your itinerary.

Boituva- SP

A city full of extreme sports!
Very famous for the beautiful colorful shows in the sky, full of balloons and skydiving.

In addition to these attractions, you can visit the Parque Ecológio Eugênio Walter and the Church of São Roque.

Boituva- SP

Campos do Jordão – SP

This municipality has that winter chill, mountain range and European style.

It is very close to the capital, about 180km.

You can visit Capivari Park and ride the cable car, see the city going up Morro do Elefante, visit the center in Capivari, full of shops, cafes and have a hot chocolate.

Visit Amantikir, a park with gardens and many varieties of plants. Visit the Felícia Leiner Museum with several works by the plastic artist Felícia Leiner, with outdoor sculptures. Take a cable car ride on the railway, discover the Silver Shower, which is a park with many trees and artificial showers.

Drink beer at Baden Baden, a wonderful craft brewery. You can even cochecer the production process and taste the drinks.

Campos do Jordão - SP


If you are a nature lover, you love hiking, learning about local history and dazzling waterfalls. This place is a great option!


Holambra – SP

Influenced by Dutch immigration, the beautiful city with colorful buildings, weathervanes and the famous production of ornamental flowers will leave you breathless!

Tip: Expoflora takes place every year, it is the largest flower fair in Latin America, this year it will take place from the 2nd to the 25th of September. At this fair, the famous rain of petals takes place daily, with 150 kg per presentation, the equivalent of 18,000 rose buds (depetalled).

Holambra - SP

Ilhabela - SP

Considered one of the most sought after tourist places by São Paulo, this is because it is a marine archipelago and is part of the micro-region of São Sebastião.

There are more than 30 beaches with beautiful waterfalls, surfing practices, beautiful inns, good restaurants, night parties and lots of fun such as nautical clubs that offer sailing lessons and boat rentals.

Ilhabela - SP

Ubatuba - SP

Discover this beautiful city with one of the best preserved coastlines and surrounded by stunning nature.

You can enjoy your vacation by diving, hiking, boating, surfing and of course enjoying a bar with music on the beach.

Ubatuba - SP

Places to travel in SP

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips! Share if you went to SP and got to know other amazing places!


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