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Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

Happiness defines this whole arrival of 2022, the pandemic stabilized and the borders opening up. But after all, do you know where to travel in 2022 – national destinations? Find out here in this post!!

Make your planning right now! Choose a destination and have fun with all the best!

To facilitate your choices, I will list 7 amazing places and with cost-benefit accessible to all pockets! But now, start saving!

Maceio Alagoas

Maceio Alagoas

The famous Brazilian Caribbean is one of the most searched destinations for the 2022 holidays.

The best time to pack your bags is between September and February. In this period there is little rain and the main thing: the sea will have that Caribbean color in shades of blue.

Maceió has several beautiful beaches, such as: Praia de Ipioca, Praia de Pajuçara, Praia de Ponta Verde, Natural Pools of Pajucara, Praia do Carro Quero, Maragogi and much more.

You will have a lot of fun!

Japan – Tocantins

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

One of the paradisiacal places in Tocantins that enchants all the tourists who pass by.

The heat is around 30°C throughout the year amid landscapes of savannah with general fields, however the rainy season somewhat restricts the walks.

The best time to make this trip is around May to September.

The attractions are diverse such as: waterfalls, boilers, rivers of crystalline waters, dunes and plateaus.

The main attractions of the region are the boilers – water springs that form natural pools with crystalline waters, you can see the white sand and its flowing water at the bottom.

Florianopolis – Santa Catarina

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

THE Magic Island it is full of wonderful places, beaches with beautiful landscapes, with boats on the high seas, calm waters (not all beaches) and many attractions!

If you like surfing: get to know Praia do Campeche, Praia da Joaquina, Praia do Moçambique (it's the surfers' point), Praia Mole, among others.

The beaches with calmer seas are found at Praia de Jurerê, Praia da Daniela, Praia da Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, among others.

There are countless beaches and each with its attractions! Some with trails, lighthouses, tour boats, city tours, paragliding and much more!

Prefer to go in the summer period between December and March, the sea will be warmer in addition to higher temperatures to enjoy the beaches.

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

In the wonderful city, tourism is available all year round! But prefer to go in the low season to save money, between the months of May, October and November.

The most explored tourist attractions are: Christ the Redeemer, Botanical Garden, Maracanã Stadium, Sugarloaf Mountain, sunset at Arpoador, Museum of Tomorrow and enjoying the beach.

Lençóis Maranhenses – Maranhão

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

Best time to visit is during the months of June, July and August. The ponds will be wonderful for taking a delicious bath and making lots of records.

Get to know the Blue Lagoon, the small Madacaru sheets and Caburé Beach, Lagoa Bonita Circuit and much more!

Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

If you like the cold, the fireplace, lots of delicious food such as fondue, all-you-can-eat pasta, pizza, steakhouses, chocolates and wines, this destination is for you. one of the best!

 But get ready, he no it's the cheaper!

The best time to enjoy the cold weather is June, July and August. However, if you love the Christmas, the period of November, December and January, the city will be completely decorated with different Christmas programs.

In addition, the city has several theme parks, such as: Snowland (snow park, with various activities in the snow), Mini Mundo, among others.

Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

There are 275 waterfalls up to 80 meters high, it's nature putting on a show!

The city is very beautiful and you can enjoy it and go to the neighboring country (Paraguay) to do those cheap shopping.

In addition to the Cascades, get to know the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, Parques das Aves, Biological Refuge, Marco das 3 Fronteiras and much more.

Where to travel in 2022 – national destinations

Finally, I hope you can travel and enjoy this new year a lot!

Share here what your plans are and if you have any questions about any of the places mentioned!

: opt for self-guided tourism and you will save a lot! Question the locals, look at the map, go to the tourist's house in the city you are going to and ask the employees how it works, if it is possible to do it without a guide, it is an opportunity to explore a multitude of incredible places on your own!

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