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Look for traveling by plane

Learn to assemble your look to travel by plane, with comfortable and versatile options. After all, today can be for business and tomorrow for pleasure. Take your doubts here in this post.

When it's time to prepare the bags, it's already a tremendous difficulty, but then when the time comes to know what clothes to wear on the plane, it's complicated for good!

After all, is it cold or hot on the plane? Can I keep changing clothes or will I have to travel to the destination with the same piece? My pants are squeezing my stomach, now what?

Look for traveling by plane

Everything happens!

But since you're already pretty smart, you came here to learn and not get lost in this simple detail, because before showing you some models, I'll anticipate you: dress comfortably!

That simple!

Light clothes, no tight pants, a reserved jacket in case it gets cold, for women, no hairstyles that could get lost along the way, the ideal is to leave your hair loose and take the opportunity to undress.

Look for traveling by plane
Look for traveling by plane

clothes for traveling by plane

Points to be evaluated:

  • How much time will be the duration of your flight?
  • you are going to a place cold or hot?
  • Checked the weather when getting off at the airport🇧🇷 With rain or with Sun?
  • What do you need to have in your carry-on bag?

On quick flights, it's easier to choose your clothes, if you happen to be going to work, you can go calmly dressed in the Work clothes.

If you're going for a walk, you can dress in the clothes you want to spend the rest of the day walking around.

However, when the flight lasts more than 2 hours, then you simply have to worry about comfort!

There are flights that last 10 hours, 12 hours! Imagine all that time in an armchair!?

So the ideal is to put on good shoes like sneakers, booties, sandals without heels or even a slipper. In addition to the options for dressing up, which I will describe below.

clothing optionss

  • Jeans
  • pantacourt pants
  • sweatpants
  • Shorts
  • shorts
  • Dress
  • coat or jackets
  • scarf
  • T-shirts
  • T-shirt

One sweatpants, some jeans that no whether tight, shorts or bermuda shorts, will make you feel comfortable.

Look for traveling by plane
Look for traveling by plane

For women who love dresses, there are several super comfortable options that are even easier to “play” with a denim jacket and everything is beautiful!

Pantacourt pants are versatile, comfortable, and make women stylish and ready to go.

Look for traveling by plane

Jeans or coats they need to be by your side on the plane seat, as it has air conditioning, the temperature is usually lower than normal. If you take a nap, generally your body temperature drops and you get cold.

Look for traveling by plane

Most planes provide covered, however, at the airport you don't have this option and the temperature there is also usually very low.

So don't forget this important tip!

Tissue, considered a joker piece! Because it will help you with the low temperatures of the plane, being able to put it on the neck or in the area of the airways, in addition it is a stylish piece.

Don't fall for the nonsense of putting on a short skirt!

One t-shirt for women one shirt for men and a good taste to match, the simple will always work and will make you very comfortable!

Look for traveling by plane


Always have a coat on hand!

Prefer to take clothes that will be useful for the destination of your trip. For example, the place where you live is very hot, and you are thinking of putting on short and cool clothes, but the destination of your trip is a cold place. So, the ideal is to dress in clothes that will make you feel good on the descent to your destination, as in the example, already wearing pants and sneakers.

Research the weather on the day of your arrival so as not to be surprised.

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