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Curitiba tourist attractions

Take a tour of the cleanest, most organized and beautiful capital of Brazil. Discover here the sights of Curitiba and enjoy everything!

sopen Curitiba

Curitiba is the capital of the state of Paraná, located in the south of Brazil.

Considered the ecological capital, justified by the large green areas, its urban planning and the environmentally sustainable city of Latin America.

She is considered the coldest in the country, the vegetation is characterized with beautiful araucarias leaving an even more welcoming winter air.

Avenida Luiz Xavier is 152 meters long, considered the smallest avenue in the world.

Curitiba tourist attractions

Santa Felicidade neighborhood

Let's start with the most delicious neighborhood in the city, famous for being all dedicated to Italian cuisine. In this neighborhood the restaurant madalosso, is the largest restaurant in the Americas with almost 5,000 seats.

Bairro da Felicidade- Tourist points of Curitiba

Curitiba Botanical Garden

He is the postcard of the city!

There are 178 thousand square meters, with a lot of flora and fauna. Inside the garden there is the famous greenhouse with its 458m², inspired by European architecture, it is all glass with iron structures, it is possible to enter it and take a tour.

Inside there are ornamental plants from the flora of the Atlantic Forest.

On the outside, the flower beds are geometrically designed, in perfect contrast between green and colorful flowers.

Botanical Garden

Wire Opera House – Music Valley

It's a Brazilian theater, unlike any other theater you've seen, the name is already suggestive of the physical space.

Made of steel tubes with metallic structures, covered with transparent polycarbonate plates, which refers to the fragility that would be a wire construction.

Next to the Theater, there is a lake with a floating stage, where several musicians from the city perform there.

you can also enjoy all this at the Ópera Arte restaurant.

wire opera

Oscar Niemeyer Museum – MON

Its focus is virtual arts, architecture and design, popularly known as Museu do Olho.

  Designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1967, it is an arts museum.

MON - Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Municipal market

For food lovers, there's nothing better than getting to know the place where the delights come from.

There you will find restaurants, vegetable stalls, imported beers, cachaças and a multitude of items.

Municipal Market of CUritiba

Train ride to Morretes

Plan to take this fun tour through the Atlantic Forest, knowing a beautiful train route that will take you to the historic city of Morretes.

Train ride in Morretes

OI Panoramic Tower

It is 109 meters high and at the top of the tower, it is possible to have a 360º panoramic view of the entire city!

OI Tower in Curitiba

Tanguá Park

 With a beautiful construction in the form of a castle, with a beautiful fountain.

It is possible to climb the small towers and dazzle the landscape, the sunset or rest with the sound of the waters.

Tanguá Park

Curitiba tourist attractions

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

One more important point, take a 2-decker panoramic bus tour, the city tour tourist line.

The bus passes every 30 minutes, and travels a route of 44 kilometers, in 2:30h.

You will have to buy a card with 5 tickets, with the right to one boarding and 4 re-boarding.

Municipal market

Tip: there are 25 boarding and alighting locations, request the map and purchase tickets at the entrance to the bus or at the Rodoferroviária.

Have fun in this beautiful city!

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