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How to set up a Travel Pharmacy

Find out here how to set up a Travel Pharmacy, it's simpler than you might think, but very important!

Travel Kit – Medicines

When I travel, I always take a “pharmacinha”. I'm a little boring for these things and I like to be forewarned!

There is nothing worse than spoiling a trip because of some reasons that could be avoided or treated.

My pharmacy is small but it has super basic products that have already saved me on many trips 😉

Want a tip? Separate a little corner in your suitcase to assemble your little drugstore – Avoid inconvenience and unforeseen events!

If you're wondering how to put together a small pharmacy with basic items for your next trip, I've listed the products I take with me on any trip.

These are my basic necessities, yours may even be others and even more:

Travel Pharmacy

1- Alcohol gel

Small and practical, I also use one inside my purse, I take it everywhere and use it all the time (especially on my hands) 😉

2- Band aid

I don't know if you're like this but I always get bruises on my feet after long days of walking.

Even using “break-in” shoes, bruises are always present. So, a band aid is a mandatory item to endure long walks.

3- Medicine for pain

I use Tilenol and Lisador because I have constant headaches and being in pain while traveling is not cool. You end up not enjoying everything. For many, only paracetamol would help.

4- Fruit salt

As we spend many days traveling and the foods are different from those we consume on a daily basis, it is normal to feel some discomfort.

5- Pill against seasickness

I always use Dramamine B6 because it doesn't cause much drowsiness. If you go on a boat trip, don't forget to take it! Usually, those who are not used to it, get “entangled” and end up missing the ride (they get nauseous and even vomit).

Travel Pharmacy kit

6- Antiseptic

You will get hurt...

7- Antipyretic and anti-flu

Of course, nobody wants to get the flu while traveling, so always take some pills with you in the pharmacy.

8- Gel for muscle pain

As we usually walk a lot, some pain is normal. So we always take it to spend the night and wake up ready for another day! 🇧🇷


– Medicines for daily use must be taken in hand luggage (along with the prescription).

– If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

You can enhance yours as you wish and with the items you deem necessary..

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