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USA student visa

Find out here in this post tips on how to apply for your US student visa and, in addition, take the opportunity to travel or maybe do that freelance job. Let's go?!

This is the dream of many, isn't it?!

Your first step has been taken, which is to be here researching and trying to understand how it all works, so let's divide this subject into topics to make it even easier.

Difference between student visa and tourist visa

USA student visa

The main difference lies in the time to apply and the length of time you can stay in the US.

If you want a tourist visa, you will have to select the option in the visa application form: B1/B2.

However, when traveling to study, take a course, the form will select: student visa (F1).

How long can I stay in the US

student visa usa

With a tourist visa, you can stay up to 6 months, if you remain in the country after that period, you will be illegally.

As a student it is very different, you can stay in the country for the entire period of the course, up to 4 years, which is the maximum period of the courses.

THE student visa advantage is that you can stay well for a long time in the US.

And most importantly, you need to have proof of at least 20 hours of study per week.

The advantage of the tourist visa is that it is valid for 10 years, whereas for the student visa you have to apply for a new one after you finish your course.

US tourism

tourism in usa

While taking your course, there is nothing better than getting to know this giant country.

Freelance in USA

And this idea? What do you think?

Join the useful to the pleasant!

There are many job openings for Brazilians in the US, if you don't know how to speak English at first, don't worry!

You'll get jobs in the gardening area (cutting grass or pruning trees), in the field in the agricultural sector, cleaning or even in a restaurant washing dishes.

Did I let you down with these options?


Calm down, everything has its time, if your English doesn't help you, the important thing is to be able to earn extra.

And there is an option for those who know how to work home office as a programmer, typist, influencer and many other options that social networks and Startups companies make possible.

USA student visa

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

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