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Alabama – United States of America

Discover here in this post everything about Alabama – United States of America, full of history, culture, tourist attractions and fun.

facts about Alabama

Considered the 30th largest state by area and the 24th most populous in the US, it has about 5 million inhabitants.

It is located in the southeastern region of the country, its capital is Montgomery.

the musical style: blues, country and jazz is present in all bars and restaurants, gospel is the charm that enchants the church choirs and which today is a world reference.

??Sweet Home Alabama” is a famous song by the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, known worldwide. We cannot forget the group The Rolling Stones, who went to the state to consolidate their musical career.

sweet home alabama

Music really rocks this state!

The state's cuisine is not left out, being considered one of the best in America! With seafood dishes, straight from the Gulf of Mexico to the main local delicacy: pecan pie.

pecan pie.

The state is also famous for fighting for racial equality: black and white, it was here that the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?? he made his speeches, organized the movements to march and left his historic mark.

Alabama tourist attractions

The state of Alabama has:

  • 24 State Parks
  • 3 State Forests
  • 4 State Wild Fauna Management Areas
  • 4 National Forests
  • 2 National Historic Sites
  • 2 National Monuments
  • 10 National Wildlife Refuge

Below, I will list the most popular tourist attractions.

US Space & Rocket Center

Located in Huntsville, it is a fantastic museum for science lovers, in this case Space Science.

They are beautiful rockets, artifacts and space conquests.

The museum opened in 1970, shortly after the landing of the Apollo 12 on the moon.

It is possible to interact with various exhibitions, has the exhibition of space shuttles, rockets and aircraft.

Command Module, Apollo 16
Command Module, Apollo 16

In addition, there is the possibility to camp on site to learn more about space flight and aviation, learn about and use space simulators and various survival exercises.

The experience is unique!   

Some of the items on display:

  • The Apollo 16 capsule, it orbited the Moon 64 times in 1972.
  • F1 rocket engine. With 5.6 meters high and 6,700,000N of thrust.
  • Saturn I Rocket
  • Rocket Jupiter IRBM, among others.

Little River Canyon National Reserve

Located at the top of Lookout Mountain, it comprises an area of 6 hectares that protects the longest river in the country: Little River.

Little River Canyon National Reserve
Little River Canyon National Reserve

It is possible to walk along trails, see waterfalls, see beautiful cliffs, walk along the edges of canyons, go climbing, abseiling, canoeing, cycling, swimming in the river and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

DeSoto State Park

Soto State Park
Soto State Park

Located on Lookout Mountain, eight miles northeast of Fort Payne.

You will discover beautiful waterfalls, rivers, lots of forest, a picnic area with a playground and the best part: you can camp in the park!

In addition, it is possible to fish, swim in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, bike and enjoy the beautiful attractions of the park such as the Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel and the Soto Falls.

Freedom Riders National Monument

Created in 2017 by former President Barack Obama to preserve and commemorate the Freedom Riders.

They formed the White and African American Civil Rights Movement, wanting equal rights in which there could be no separation of races in interstate travel.

They took bus trips across the southern US in 1961, protesting segregated bus terminals.

One day, people against the movement attacked the bus, the Riders managed to get out and were attacked by people on the street.

This was the pivotal moment! And for this reason this monument was created.

Monument Address: 1031 Gurnee Avenue Anniston, 36201.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park
Alabama – United States of America

The park with its beautiful boardwalk is on the banks of the Alabama River (Alabama River), located in downtown Montgomery.

 You can take an afternoon to have a picnic, or if you have kids they will love the splash pad, plus there are exhibitions and historic city landmarks.

Moored next to an amphitheater is the Harriott II, a 19th-century boat turned restaurant and has live music.

Alabama – United States of America

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips! Share with us your experiences!

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