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Everglades National Park – Florida


Firstly, when we think of Everglades National Park – Florida, “The famous park of the crocodiles".

Brief history

 Known as “River of Grass”, located in the south region of Florida, with its  610,484 hectares of preservation.


It was created to protect the ecosystem around 1934. Trying to avoid the degradation and the advance of the population in the environment.

considered as International Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site and Wetlands of International Importance.

It receives more than 1 million tourists every year.

considered the third largest national park in the United States, second only to Death Valley and Yellowstone.


For many kilometers before the entrance to the park, it is possible to find tourist activities such as boat trips and a kind of speedboat better known as an airboat to walk among the crocodiles, see the birds and other types of animals that may appear in the middle of nature. .

A part of the region is devoted to this purpose, in addition to agriculture.

What will you find in the park? everglades

Firstly as being the main objective of tourists, you will find crocodiles.

However, they are not always as pictured, many in front of us will probably be scattered around the park alone or in pairs.

In addition to crocodiles, you will find flamingos, Florida panther, tropical North American shorebirds, manatees, 350 species of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles.

As they are loose in nature, they constantly appear, you need to be attentive!

Everglades National Park - Florida

activities in the park everglades

  • hiking
  • trails
  • ride an airboat
  • Camping
  • Visit to the Park Museum
  • picnics

How to get to the park everglades

Arriving in Everglades City, it will take you around one hour until you get to the places to do camping.

 Shortly after entering the access to the park, you can reach the Shark Valley Visitor Center It is a place that receives visitors and has a Museum with the history of the park, has some breaded animals, maps and curiosities.

There you will get the map to access it.  


our experience

We went with the objective of camping, however when we opened the car door, there were so many mosquitoes that we ended up aborting this mission

We got to know the park, saw some crocodiles, birds and an incredible peace in the middle of nature.

We did some hiking and headed back to town.

 So our tip for this tour is: take repellent!

A negative point to the park is that it was a little abandoned, there were people all over the park, however the structures were unoccupied and poorly maintained.

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