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Travel insurance

Did you know that travel insurance is an essential item on your trip?! That's right! Here I will share the importance and advantages of taking out your travel insurance! Let's go?!

Reasons to take out travel insurance

Below is a list of advantages you may have, remembering that it all depends on the requests and everything contained in your contract with the insurer, depending on which you may have more or less coverage:

Travel insurance
  • medical and dental care;
  • coverage in case of trip interruption or cancellation;
  • companion expenses in case of prolonged hospitalization;
  • funeral assistance such as transfer of the body;
  • location and indemnity (when luggage is lost);
  • 24-hour assistance;
  • pharmaceutical care;
  • airline delay (if hotel is needed);
  • legal assistance.

There are many advantages, of course to avoid any future problems, it will have a cost.

The amount charged for insurance depends on several factors such as the number of days, chosen plan, age, company and risky sports.  

You can hire it from any trusted travel agency or from some specialized websites.

When hiring, pay attention to all the information and all the options that the plan covers. Always choose to purchase a complete plan, it's better to be safe than sorry!

In every international trip It is super important to purchase travel insurance, because when we are in other countries, small problems can turn into difficult situations.

Travel insurance

If you have travel insurance, the responsibility lies with the contracted insurance company.

For some countries, travel insurance is mandatory, like in Europe, for example. All visitors must have assistance with a minimum value of €30,000.00 to guarantee medical assistance.

If you need to activate travel insurance, the procedure is simple: just call the insurer's phone number that is provided in the policy (never do things to later notify the insurer or try to receive a refund when you return from your trip). The insurer will notify the location for you to request the necessary care.

The travel insurance policy or card with useful contacts should always be kept at hand!

Good trip!

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