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New passport template

Did you know that we will now have a new passport model here in Brazil?! I already anticipated, it was beautiful! And about the RG, did you hear?

The purpose of all this transformation is to prevent document fraud such as forgery, with an anti-fraud technology.

What's New in the Passport

new model passport

The main objective in the new document is to prevent fraud, in addition to having a better identification facility, below are the changes:

  • the passport cover has a new stylization of the Brazilian flag;
  • increased number of watermarks (with 13 different illustrations);
  • fluorescent invisible backgrounds (7 different compositions under UV exposure);
  • on the page that contains the identification now present a black and white image with biometric data;

How long is the new passport valid for?

According to Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres. The new passport will remain valid for 10 years.

When will the new passport be issued?

It will start to be produced by Casa da Moeda from September (Independence month of Brazil). Date that Brazil celebrates its bicentennial.

new passport

What is the value of the new passport?

O value to acquire the passport continues to be R$ 257,25.

What will the pages of the new passport look like?

With a beautiful goal of honoring the regions of Brazil, with images of biomes and local cultures.

new passport pages

Identity Card - new RG

In addition to the passport, the government also launched the new RG model, this to UNIFY the document through the CPF, avoiding fraud.

The document will come into effect from March 2023.

This new document will only have an identification number that will be the CPF.

new model RG

What changes in the new RG?

  • will have a unique number (CPF);
  • will have a QR code to be checked;
  • it will be an international standard (within Mercosur);
  • terpá MRZ code (Machine Readable Zone) – same as passports;
  • can be read by equipment
  • issue will be free.

The current RG will still be valid for up to 10 years for the population up to 60 years old (those over 60 years old will have an indefinite period).

Documents required to issue the new RG

The citizen must present:

  • birth or marriage certificate (physical or digital format).

Hope you enjoyed the new news!
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