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Afraid of traveling alone?

Are you afraid of traveling alone? Know that it's not just you, but I'm going to help you take away that fear that I once had! This fear will turn into a victory, into several achievements and a lot of learning! Let's go?!   

When we think about traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is: with whom? What will my company be? Who can I invite to the trip of MY DREAMS?!

But if you think about it, the dream is yours! So why not do it yourself?!

important tips

Define the purpose of your trip

Afraid of traveling alone?

That's the first point, where do you want to go? How many days do you intend to stay in this place? Is it far from the center or is it close to everything? Do you have tour guides? Travel agencies on site? Will you be able to do everything on foot, or will you need to rent a car? Will you need public transport?

Answering these questions will make you feel more confident, this is one of the main points to overcome your fear: feel safe!

Another important point: Do you want to rest in a seaside resort (for example) or do you want to get to know places and sights in a city?

Know the place

Afraid of traveling alone?

Researching everything about your destination is essential for your safety!

For example, taking public transport full of malar in a big city like São Paulo, will not be a good choice, because you will be exposed with many things to take care of (a backpack, purse, suitcase…). so in this case, the ideal is to hire an Uber, taxi, tourist agency or leave everything agreed with your hotel to make your transfer.

Remember if: traveling alone is wonderful, but don't make the wrong choices!

always be connected

Afraid of traveling alone?

If you have a cell phone with battery, credit and GPS. Problems that may arise along the way will be resolved in seconds.

So pay attention: always leave your cell phone with charge and credits (mobile data)!

To prevent: always do the download of the map to navigate through it offline, because if you run out of mobile data, you will still have your map.

create your itinerary

Afraid of traveling alone?

create an itinerary DIARY and share with someone you trust like family and/or friends.

Inform the hotel you are staying at, flight schedules, the sights you want to visit that day, how you are going to get there (Uber, Taxi…).

Give the precise information so that, if necessary, you can be easily located!

You have memorized or written down on paper the phone number of someone you trust. Well, have you ever thought if you lose your cell phone, or if it breaks, breaks… you'll have to notify someone.

Take out travel insurance

Afraid of traveling alone?

Hiring travel insurance is not only important when traveling alone, but on any trip!

Unforeseen events happen and it is at this time that being cautious is fundamental!

There are several plans and coverages, for example: coverage in case of theft, luggage loss or any health problem...

So, it's another option to keep your trip even safer!

Don't be afraid to ask

No doubt you won't be the only one traveling alone.

You will meet people alone at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, on the streets and in restaurants.

Of course, you don't need to approach people and ask where they are from and where they are going (heheh) but it is very likely that this contact will be natural and let yourself be carried away, if you are in the mood to meet people.

Each traveler carries countless stories with them and it's great to share!

Feel light, feel free, love yourself!

Know that there are a lot of good people out there wanting to be happy just like you! Don't stay closed in your fear, free yourself!

Your trip it will be wonderful! Take control of your fear and go live the amazing places, the fun people, the different cultures and food of the places.

Didn't meet anyone on the trip? Learn to live with yourself, this is a great opportunity!

Be positive

Afraid of traveling alone?

Imagine only good things on your journey!

Emanating positive thoughts to the universe is a good tactic to feel even more welcomed and protected.

I don't know if you believe that, but don't doubt your luck and then PREFER think positive, you'll realize that it's much easier and everything happens naturally!

And the fear when it goes away?

Afraid of traveling alone?

Know that even with all these tips, maybe you still feel fear.

But in time it will turn into one delicious butterflies in your stomach, a racing heart and a beautiful smile on your face. It's not overnight, but it's with your experiences, with the experience of a prepared and very well programmed trip!

You will see that things will flow and as soon as a trip is over, you will think about the next one!

Afraid of traveling alone?

Finally, I hope I helped a lot! Your first step has been taken, research and read about the subject, knowing that you will never be alone, the next step is to share your experience and enjoy everything the world has to offer!

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