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Essential items to take to the beach

Find out all the essential items tips to take to the beach, enjoy and buy everything you're missing before packing your bags! Don't wait to buy it right away, as you'll probably pay a lot more.

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This should be your first item, every day of the year, besides going to the beach.

Essential items to take to the beach

Before leaving home, place! Spread it all over your body, prefer with SPF factors above 50 for your face, if you want to get a tan, apply SPF 30 to the rest of your body.

Maybe you're thinking you won't tan with all that SPF, but rest assured, you'll tan and protect your skin.

Tip: do not go between 10 am and 3 pm, the sun is very strong, if you still prefer to go at that time, stay under an umbrella.

Another important point is to apply sunscreen every 3 hours, to reinforce it, even though the packaging says it lasts up to 6 hours, guaranteeing your protection against skin cancers is no exaggeration.

Protectors most recommended by dermatologists:

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Item very important for your beach day!

Essential items to take to the beach

If you don't have one, check if the beach you're going to has rental tents.

Tip: pay attention to the fabrics of the umbrellas, those indicated are canvas and that the description is on the label with UV protection.

Another important point in choosing is that it needs to be a resistant material, many days at the beach end with wind and a good indication is ombrelones (those with wood) are heavier and more resistant.

Most recommended umbrellas:

Essential items to take to the beach

Beach chair

The chair is already an item considered as a beach comfort. And it's really nice to be sitting! If you think about taking a canga to sit on the sand, after a while your spine will remember how much you miss the chair.

There are two types of chairs, one for just sitting and the other for lying down, generally women prefer the one that lies down.

Tip: Prefer aluminum chairs, as they do not spoil with water and sand from the sea.

Best chairs to take to the beach:

Towel Beach

Important item to be in your beach bag!

When you take that delicious sea bath, you'll want to dry your hair and face, or put it on the car seat so it doesn't get wet.

Don't forget to take it!

beach exit

There are countless models of beach exits, one more beautiful than the other.

An advantage of the beach exit is that you can leave the beach and go to a supermarket or some store. Because not everywhere it is possible to enter with swimwear, already with a beach cover-up it is possible.

Here are some popular models:


Super cheap accessory that needs to be in the beach bag. It is important to help protect your eyes from the sun.

In addition to the visor, you can take other options, for example: straw hats or caps.


In addition to aesthetics, sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes against the excess light that exists on the beach. The reflection of the sun on the sand is very strong.

Using such protection, you will avoid injury.

Tip: buy eyeglasses at opticians, do not buy counterfeit ones, as much as you feel protected, it is a lack of impression of a product without any treatment against the strong rays of the sun.

Essential items to take to the beach

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips! Take the opportunity to do your shopping through amazon, with fast delivery and very affordable prices!

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