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Cheap flights to the United States

Are you waiting for cheap tickets to the United States, but do you know how to find the best deals and when to buy?! Here in this post, I will give you important tips, so get organized and let's go!

When to buy tickets to the USA

It depends!

The answer is simple and objective, it depends on the era It's from place that you intend to go.

For example, if you want to know the state of Florida, going during the school holidays is the worst option you will ever make. Usually between the months of December to February and July and August.

In addition to tickets at twice the price, you will not be able to find hotels with good prices and you will spend a lot.

Florida has Disney and ends up having this accentuated volume on vacation.

Now if you intend to go to California, values are a little more expensive in summer. Because tourists choose the summer to enjoy the beaches, but it ends up getting a little more expensive, which is between the months of June and September.

However, I confess that getting to know California has a different look during the summer and it is worth paying a little more going in that period.

Now, if you want to go to New York, you can go in search of two pleasures: very cold and snow or heat.

Usually the months of low season are between January to March, and are the winter months. Extremely low temperatures and lots of snow. The values in accommodation fall up to 60% in this period.

Cheap flights to the United States

Which sites are reliable to buy your tickets?!

There are many, I'll list a few here. The ideal is to download the application of the companies, or register your email. So when promotions come up you will be notified on time and you can make your purchases.

Websites for purchasing tickets:

  • viajanet
  • 123 miles
  • unmissable tickets
  • trip advisor
  • Destinations
  • Hurb
  • Tickets in the Promotion

Remembering that there are others, you can search infinite sites, but these are the sites we like to search.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

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