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Beagle Channel – Ushuaia

Lighthouse - Beagle Channel

Surrounded by natural beauty, the Beagle Channel is a strait that separates the islands of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the extreme south of South America.

It is an essential tour for anyone visiting the 10 tips for a cheap trip to the end of the world- Ushuaia.

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You can't miss this expedition! (Beagle Channel)

This channel connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and forms the border between Chile and Argentina. In the middle of the Channel there are several small islands and one has the ??Faro Les Eclaireurs”, it is a lighthouse that serves to guide boats so that they can see when they are close to land.

Beagle Channel

A fundamental tip for you who are not used to riding on sea vessels, take some medicine for nausea.

Nobody gave me this tip, so half of the crew and I ended up missing half the tour because we were tangled up.

One more story to tell!

Meaning of emarear: to suffer seasickness.

 This tour takes around 2 hours, you get to know the lighthouse at the end of the world and stop at some islands to take pictures of the penguins and sea lions, then descend on an island for about 15 minutes to take a walk.

Book at least one shift of your trip to take the tour. And remember to check the weather forecast first.

To enjoy the tour even more, the ideal would be on a sunny and windless day.

Entrance to the Beagle Channel

To take the tour, you need to buy the ticket at a tourist agency or at the port, where the boat leaves.

You will probably pay cheaper on the spot, without the intermediary of a tourist agency.  

Price to take the tour is well into account.

Finally, charge the battery of your cell phone and cameras well. Youre gonna need it!! The landscape is breathtaking. And you will probably find a lot of penguins and take lots of pictures!

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