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Valle Nevedo – Chile

Learn here in this post how to enjoy one of the best destinations in South America: Valle Nevado – Chile is considered one of the most sought after spots for those who go to Chilean Patagonia. Let's go?!

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Where is Valle Nevado located?

At a distance of 60 kilometers from Santiago (capital) which takes approximately 1:30h by car.

The address is at Avenida Vitacura 5250 of 304, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile.

Valle Nevada

The altitude of the place reaches 3,200 meters of snow amidst the beautiful mountains.

When is the best time to go to Valle Nevado?

Tourists are attracted by the snow-covered mountains and that is when there is the possibility to practice all kinds of snow sports.

But, with so many attractions (positive points), they have the negative points: the higher prices. You will find it difficult to get cheaper hotels and even the entrance to the parks becomes more expensive at this time.

However, don't postpone your dream, plan ahead and you'll get good prices!

The winter season starts in the last week of June and continues until the last week of September.

What to do in Valle Nevado?

For all those who love extreme sports to the most relaxed sport, it is possible to enjoy it all in many ways. In addition, the tracks are divided by levels: beginner to professional.

So rest assured that no one will run over you.

You can even take ski lessons if you have no idea how to ski.

What to do in Valle Nevado?

Valle has 39 tracks in an area of 40 kilometers in length.

There are ski slopes, snowboard, restaurants, shops, a place for tickets to use on the slopes (if you want to practice some sport) and you can ride the cable car.

The arrival point for visitors is at Turn 17, this is where you will receive all the necessary guidance to enjoy this paradise.

ride the cable car

The cable car passes over the slopes and takes you to the Bajo Zero Bar, where you can taste delicious hot chocolate or even a very cold beer.

ride the cable car

make snowmen

You know that childhood dream of making the snowman, the time has come!

Don't be embarrassed, thinking you look like a child, because that's right, it's a unique moment of fun!

And you will see, many doing the same!
Enjoy and play in the snow, throwing snow at others or trying to build an igloo or even throwing yourself in the snow.

The feeling is indescribable.

Tip: buy leather gloves so your hands won't get wet when playing in the snow!

Skiing and snowboarding

In the park you need to buy a ticket to use the trails and you need to rent equipment and even clothes (if you don't have one).

If you've never skied, there are private or group lessons.

Be part of this moment, put a lot of courage and have fun, if it falls, rest assured that the snow is super fluffy.

Valle Nevado with the kids

If you are going with children, don't worry, there is Escuela de Nieve (next to Bajo Zero restaurant).

Only children and teachers stay in this area. But you can follow everything from the outside and rest assured that they will be very safe.

The children's track is very dynamic. As soon as they get down on the track, there is a magic carpet that helps them get up again, it's like a conveyor belt.

Classes last two hours, but if children get tired, they can leave, or go to the indoor space that has a video game, a place to drink water and even a TV to watch a movie.

Children love this place!

Valle Nevedo – Chile

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

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