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baby layette in the United States

Here I will give you tips and share my experience about: baby layette in the United States: What was really worth buying.

More than a year after making the baby layette in usa (more specifically in Miami), I feel free to write this post and analyze what was worth buying.

layette for baby

When we're pregnant with our first child, we want to buy everything and a little more (from experience lol) and we almost never think about what we'll really need in the baby's first year.

What was worth buying for the baby layette


soothing pacifier

 They are pacifiers to calm the baby and avoid colic. They were very good and they don't sell in Brazil.

My son used it until he was three months old when the colic stopped. In some crises, the soothie calmed him down and he even slept!

Stroller and baby comfort

Stroller and baby comfort

Despite the volume, it was really worth it because we paid there, less than half the price that was being sold in Brazil (at least the model we wanted). Our baby uses the stroller to this day.

We opted for quality and ease and we didn't regret it! I know it's an item with a lot of volume but the price difference made up for it!

activity mat

activity mat

It's a big item but the price difference makes up for it!

Our baby used it until he started crawling and spent hours practicing changing positions and having fun (which gave me more time to do other things around the house).

baby monitor

baby monitor

This item is worth buying abroad as the price difference makes up for it!

Needless to say we still use it today!

Trash can

fraud bin

It's a big item but worth it!

It is a bin that packs diapers in plastic bags without leaving any odors in the environment!

Fits up to 260 diapers in a bin without causing a bad smell in the room. We also bought refills for 1 year of using the trash can (which lasted 1 year and 3 months).

Clothes, shoes and the like

baby boy clothes

I bought clothes for up to 1 year old! It's so worth it! Good, beautiful and great quality clothes. Price and quality match MUCH!



It is a “machine” for making baby food.

It steams the food and then you can grind it into pieces of different sizes to make baby food.

As I don't usually cook, for me it was a hand on the wheel! I make the right amount of food in 20 minutes.

The price difference is big and it is an item that will fit in the suitcase.

Teethers and toys

Teethers and toys

Some toys were worth it – like the giraffe, the einstein toys, the teethers (the one in the shape of corn relieves the discomfort of the little teeth a lot!).

travel bag

travel bag

It's that bag you carry the baby's things with you.

I bought it super cheap and very good quality. So much so that it's still super new!

Here in Brazil prices are high for good handbags. The cheapest bags are not very high quality.

What should I have bought for the baby layette

automatic swing

automatic swing

The price was very good but I chose not to buy due to the volume.

When I arrived in Brazil, the price was sky-high. I ended up not buying the automatic and opting for the manual.

car seat

car seat

We didn't buy it there either and we decided to buy it in Brazil when our baby was old enough.

What a shame!

Could have saved a lot buying there. The prices practiced in Brazil are absurdly expensive!

inflatable bed

baby inflatable bed

I didn't buy it there and ended up buying it in Brazil for almost 3x more! We use it a lot when we travel and know there is no crib on site.

more clothes

Every time I go to buy clothes for our baby in Brazil, my heart aches.

It's all very expensive!

umbrella style stroller

umbrella style stroller

The models out there have good prices, quality, are light and we could have brought them in our luggage.

In Brazil, the ones we like cost 4x more than in the United States.

Items I bought that didn't make much of a difference

  • Items such as nipples, bottles, pacifiers and the like: The price difference is not big and the models and options that were there were also sold in Brazil.
  • Nappy rash ointments, moisturizing or breast care creams: They all have them for sale in Brazil and the prices are very similar.
  • Transition cups, cutlery, plates: Same thing – I bought it because it was already there but if you want to prioritize, buy items that have a big difference in value or that don’t exist in Brazil.

If I remember anything else, I'll write it down here.

Would I travel again to buy items for the next child? Of course.. But more calmly and wisely.. 🙂

Baby layette in the United States: What was really worth buying

Did you like the tips? <3

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