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Why travel to Orlando?

Orlando is the 4 most preferred destination by Brazilians when the option is to travel abroad, second only to neighboring Buenos Aires, Santiago and Punta Del Leste, according to a survey published by Veja magazine. But after all, do you know why travel to Orlando?

Why do Brazilians go to Orlando so much?

Orlando is known as the fun and entertainment capital of the world for all ages.

And I think the main reason for our visits is the famous theme parks, whether from Disney (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom and its 2 water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) or the theme parks Universal Studious , Island of adventure, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens (Tampa), Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral), among others.

The city also offers vast options for shopping, outlets, malls, WallMart, Target, Wallgreen´s and the list goes on, for more information on places and tips, see our other articles:

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Orlando has also been chosen to host international fairs, congresses and conferences in the field of health, education and law for its organized conference centers.

Many excursions of children, teenagers and even adults in the parks. I think that the children's early departure to Orlando is very valid, this first contact with the English language and new culture broadens the horizons and awakens the desire to learn even more.

And are you old enough to go to Orlando? I would say no, but if you have the opportunity to take your children, go as soon as possible so that the charm does not lose its charm!

So there is no shortage of reasons to visit the city!

When to travel to Orlando?

when to travel to orlando

This time, we traveled in March of this year to Orlando and we had many advantages besides seeing the flowery city with the arrival of spring, few queues in the parks, the longest queue we took was 30min.

I remember the first time I went that we had queues of up to 1h30min. We got organized and entered the parks already knowing more or less which attractions we would like to go to, and for that the travel blogs helped a lot.

Disadvantage of having gone in March was the cold, although Florida is known as a hot and humid state, we have sunny days that are windier and colder, and we are unable to go to any water park or enjoy the hotel pools and recreation facilities.

Pay attention to American and Brazilian holidays and vacations so you don't have to queue at the parks!

How long to stay and budget?

flower garden

We stayed in Orlando for 10 days and made our schedule on our own. We bought our tickets directly at the TAM Feirão on a discount weekend, departing from Florianópolis-Guarulhos-Orlando.

I researched the hotels a lot on the internet, we ended up choosing to stay 3 nights at a Disney hotel (Disney All Movies) and 7 nights at the DoubleTree by Hilton at Sea World.

The parks are on average USD100 entry, so depending on the number of parks you are going to visit, you will have a different budget. We bought our tickets at the hotel the day before we visited the parks.


The difference in prices buying online was little and as we stayed in hotels that offered this feature, we opted for this.

But this would be more or less the budget for the 10-night trip per person:

– Air (depends on the place of departure): US$ 1,200

– Hotels (All Star Disney – Hilton): US$ 600

– Tickets (5 days): US$ 500

– Family Rental Car (SUV): US$ 500

– Food (US$ 50 per day per adult): US$ 500

– Extra Expenses in the parks: US$50

TOTAL: USD3350.00

If the option is to travel with friends, family, the car rental can be divided as well.

Most hotels have a transfer service for guests to the parks, it just needs to be checked before the trip. But Nothing like being in a car and making your own schedule!

What are the best parks?

best disney parks

We visited Hollywood Studious, Magic Kingdom, Sea World and Universal Studious.

We love having breakfast with POOH and his gang (Crystal Palace Restaurant) and dinner with the Princesses at Cinderella Castle, I think they are attractions that should be done if you are with children, just be careful to schedule them in advance as they are well disputed!

We also really enjoyed riding the carousel, the goofy roller coaster, and all the Magic Kingdom rides.

We loved Sea World's Dolphin and Shamu show and were enthralled by Universal's SpongeBob SquarePants and Woodpecker Playground.

but the Universal's Islands of Adventure won our hearts, even more than the others, they are all more of a child's dream come true, that taste of childhood.

The giant roller coasters and all our adrenaline stayed in this park.

What to buy in Orlando?

Many couples go to Orlando to do the baby layette, as it is in this city that the famous layette store is located. Macro Baby (baby layette in the United States).

stores in orlando

Many go there to buy accessories, rackets and tennis shoes to play tennis and paddel, as Orlando has one of the most complete stores for this sport. tennis plaza.

Some buy homewares at Target at WalMart or still in Bed, Bath and Beyond and others like to see what's new in the city's malls and outlets.

There are also exclusive stores of disney products which are beautiful!

There are also beauty salons with the latest in the world of beauty, pharmacies with wonderful products, good options will not be lacking!

Tips from orlando


pass on one Walmart or Target right at the beginning of the trip to buy snacks, water, fruits and whatever you think is necessary for the next few days.

At the Disney parks, be on the lookout to catch the FASPASS in the most disputed attractions, thus avoiding the queues!

be sure to visit Disney DOWNTOWN and walk around!

Make sure your hotel has free Wi-Fi and free parking.

Hope it helped!

Until the next trip!

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