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How and where to buy Orlando park tickets

Find out how and where to buy Orlando park tickets, we'll give you all the tips you need to know! Let's go?!

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Disney Tickets

There is no single way to buy tickets. In fact, there are several and you can choose the most practical one at the time of purchase.

We already buy online, on official websites and also directly at hotels in Orlando.

In addition to the different places for shopping, it is important to know that the ticket system is also different.

I did a summary to try to explain as best as possible how park tickets work in Orlando and where/how to buy them.

How are the tickets

Orlando parks tickets are sold by days. You can buy one park for one day or two parks in one day and so on.

Combos can be made from the parks of a given complex. The Disney Complex sells tickets and combos for the parks there and the Universal Complex for its parks.

What the vast majority do is buy a park a day. For example: Purchase two days of parks at the Universal Orlando Complex: one day for Universal Studios and one day for Island of Adventure.

The combo is made by parks of a certain complex, that is, buying two parks for two days of the same complex (which sometimes is cheaper). the tickets has no expiration date but it is recommended to use within 14 days. They are personal and non-transferable and with a very smart anti-fraud system.

If you enter a certain park on one day, you will not be able to repeat it the next day (unless you buy the combo of a park for two days). is made a registration when purchasing or exchanging the voucher through the ticket and your information is recorded. You can use the ticket to enter and leave the park as many times as you want on the day you use it.


Currently, in the Disney complex there are the MagicBands, a super colorful and magnetic bracelet that serves as a ticket and can also be used for spending at the parks (you can record your credit card number or recharge it).

AND remember if: always buy park tickets from the same complex together! This will entitle you to better prices (regardless of whether on the website, ticket office or company). The more parks together you buy, the cheaper it gets!

How to Buy Disney Tickets

disney -tickets

There are many ways to buy tickets. It's interesting to keep in mind how you want to buy the tickets: singles, combos, etc.

If you choose to buy online, you will receive a voucher and this must be exchanged for the official ticket at the entrance to the park at a special booth called Will Call.

Currently the exchange is only required in the parks of the Disney Complex. The printed Voucher can be used in the other complexes as entry as long as the barcode is printed.

But there are other ways to buy such as travel agencies in Brazil, directly in parks, hotels, etc… 

look for do not opt for deliveries by mail as they tend to be expensive and often take time and/or are difficult to trace.

In parks where it is necessary to exchange the voucher for tickets, in addition to the voucher, a photo document (passport) and the credit card used for the purchase.

Online (official websites) – Disney tickets

You can buy tickets directly on the official websites of the parks. Payment can be made with credit card enabled for international use. After payment you will receive the voucher and you can print it at home. When arriving at the parks, go to the counter Wiil Call to exchange the official ticket.

Benefits: as the sites are official, the risk of fraud and forgery is lower. there may also be promotions specials on the day of purchase. Another advantage is that you will already have the ticket in hand at the time of purchase, not having to wait for deliveries or having to pick up at companies in Orlando

Disadvantages: In this purchase mode, payment should only be made using international credit cards ( there is an increase in IOF) and there are no installments. At the time of purchase, there will still be an increase in local tax (about 6.5%). Remember that the purchase is made in dollars and this will only be converted into reais.

Official websites:

Disney complex 

Thematic parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.
Water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.
Ticket: magnetic card or Magic Band.
Voucher exchange (Will call): booths near the ticket offices and/or Guest Relations at the entrance to all parks and Downtown Disney.

 Universal Orlando

Thematic parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
Water parks: Wet'n Wild
Ticket: magnetic card or ticket printed with barcode.
Voucher exchange (Will call): booths or automated totems near the box office.


Thematic parks: Sea World (Orlando) and Busch Gardens (Tampa).
Water parks: Discovery Cove (Orlando), Aquatica (Orlando) and Adventure Island (Tampa).
Ticket: magnetic card or printed ticket with barcode.
Voucher exchange/Will call: booths or automated totems near the box office.


Thematic parks: legoland.
Water parks: Legoland Water Park.
Ticket: magnetic card or ticket printed with barcode.
Voucher exchange (Will call): booths or automated totems near the box office.

how to buy tickets to the parks in orlando

Official Tickets – Disney Complex

Orlando tourism companies

Some tourism companies in Orlando have websites for selling tickets or resellers in Brazil.

Benefits: There may be promotions or better prices and different payment methods.

Disadvantages: Tickets need to be collected from the tour company you purchased (free of charge) or they can be delivered to your hotel (plus delivery fee). In this method of purchase there may be a greater risk of fraud and counterfeiting.

Buying Disney Tickets at Park Box Offices

Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office of each park on the day you visit or in advance.

Benefits: It can be paid in cash, credit or debit card and there will be no risk of counterfeiting or fraud.

Disadvantages: There are often huge queues to buy. Perhaps there is difficulty in communication because the attendants will speak only in English and there are not usually promotions.

queue to buy disney tickets

Buy Disney Tickets at Hotels

Most hotels in Orlando have a totem of an Orlando tourism company and you can buy tickets directly there.

Benefits: You already receive the magnetic cards and you will not need to exchange the vouchers. It can be paid with cash, credit or debit card.

Disadvantages: The attendant will speak English with you (if you don't speak English very well, you may have difficulty communicating). There are usually no promotions or installments. The risk of fraud and counterfeiting is usually low.

Buy Disney tickets at travel agencies in Brazil

Some travel agencies in Brazil are accredited to sell tickets.

Benefits: As it is in Portuguese, there will be no communication difficulties during the service. There may be installments and payment can be made in reais (cash or cards)

Disadvantages: Higher risk of fraud and forgery (choose a trusted company recommended by someone!) and you will have to exchange vouchers at the parks when you arrive (in most cases). The price may also be slightly higher than other means.

If you choose to stay at a hotel/resort within one of the complexes (Disney, Universal and SeaWorld), the package with tickets included in the accommodation can have advantages and good discounts.

How and where to buy Orlando park tickets

disney tickets

At the time of purchase, analyze which form is most beneficial to you.

We already buy tickets in several ways – in the park, you run the risk of facing queues and maybe not having interesting discounts. THE safer and more interesting way that I found was directly on the official websites of each complex. This last time we went, we bought it at a tourist agency's toten in our own hotel and everything went well. Prices were also very friendly as we bought some combos.

But, think and analyze the best way for you and your family.

think about cost X benefit it's always interesting!

suggest do not buy the magnetic card or physical card here in Brazil because the chance of demagnetizing it during the trip is great and you will end up losing your ticket. It is better, if you choose to buy in Brazil or on official websites, take the vouchers and exchange them later for official tickets.

If you still have doubts, use the comment box..

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