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Travel itinerary

Traveling is the best time of the year! And we prepare your travel itinerary so that everything goes as planned. Follow our tips here!


If you are going to travel internationally, mandatory presentation of your passport.

Except in all countries of South America:

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In these you will be able to enter the country only with your RG🇧🇷 But be careful, because your RG has validity of 10 years and if it has expired, you need to arrange it before your trip.

passport or ID

So this is your first step to make your travel itinerary:

Provide your passport and/or RG.

Create travel itinerary

we made a file for you print out and put it as a check list and be able to organize everything easily.

First steps:

  • What is the travel date?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What sights do you want to visit?
  • How much will you have available to spend on the trip?

These are the first questions you need to answer to start your trip.

I also share the importance of each step, we organize everything as if it were part of the trip.

travel itinerary

Know that the importance of enjoying all of this is not only on arrival at the destination, but in everything you have planned, each day, each research done, each penny saved for that trip!

So learn to savor these moments, appreciate your research on destinations, tourist places, have fun! You will realize that the trip will last even longer than you think.

Where do you want to go?

This question is even difficult to answer, because it depends on how much you want to spend and how many days you have for your trip.

If it is an international trip, you will possibly spend 1 day of travel (1 way and 1 return), so 2 days of your vacation will be committed within airports and plane.

Another important point: know the local climate and altitude. Depending on the altitude, you might even feel sick, so you need to know the risks and what procedures to do in situations like this.

How much will you spend on the trip?

How much you have to spend is the part that needs to be calculated by dividing:

  • Food;
  • Hotel;
  • Car rental + gasoline;
  • or uber;
  • Entrances to parks, museums, tourist attractions
  • Shopping (gifts, souvenirs, clothes, perfumes…).


This part of your script is the most fun!

Choosing the places, knowing what you will have and how much to pay (it is clear).

We did it like this: each one says where they want to go, what they want to know about the region or country and we put it on the map, we evaluate the distances and check if we have time to cover the distances.


If it is not feasible, we reduce the perimeter and research the tourist attractions in the region and put on paper which ones we want to see there in that location.

Because not always the place you want to go is close to where you're going to get off the plane, or you won't always have the time you need to get everywhere.

That's why it's important to organize your script!

Travel itinerary

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips, don't forget to download the file!

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