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Start » How far is Daytona Beach from Orlando?

How far is Daytona Beach from Orlando?

Find out here in this post the best route and how far is Daytona Beach from Orlando? Enjoy the route and have fun with the enchanting landscapes.

If you're enjoying the best of Daytona and intend to hit the road to Orlando, don't waste your time, pack your bags and go!

There are two routes and 2 ways to go to Orlando, one is by land vehicle – car or motorcycle and the other is by plane.

Tip: traveling the roads by land is much better, you get to know incredible places and the trip is always more fun!

How far is Daytona Beach from Orlando?

How far is Daytona Beach from Orlando?

Route by car or motorcycle

will be almost 90 kilometers on I-4 W, practically in a straight line, you won't need to take detours, this distance is to the center of Orlando, so, depending on where I wanted to go, it could be even closer.

If you want to enjoy different looks, I recommend following the route that passes over the bridge Lake Jesup and stop at Overlook Park, enjoy the beauties of this beautiful lagoon. The route is following S Florida 417 (Toll road).

The distance will be around 90 kilometers, it won't be much different. The only plus is the beautiful scenery!

And only one negative point on this route is having a toll.

The journey time is around 1h10min.

flight path

To travel by plane, it will take longer between check-in, checking in, picking up, getting on or off the plane.

Air time is around 20 to 30 min.

Finally, the important thing is to enjoy your trip, enjoy every minute and choose the best option you are interested in and live!

Enjoy the time, enjoy the scenery and without a doubt enjoy life!

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