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Perfect wedding dress in New York

In this post I will share with you tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress in New York. After all, it's every bride's dream! So get ready to be dazzled by this dream!

Perfect wedding dress in New York

One of the goals of our trip to New York in April was to buy my wedding dress.

I wanted something different (modeling and fabric) but not so expensive as I had a limited budget.

Before traveling, I even visited some stores in Brazil, but I was surprised by the high prices!

New York is a mecca for brides: there is a huge variety of models, brands, prices and even the best time of year to buy!

bridal dress in NY

First of all, I did a search on the stores' websites and put together a spreadsheet to organize all the information I had: names of the stores, models that I liked the most on the website, addresses, prices, visiting hours, among other little things.

Of course, those who don't have money saved especially for this will be able to visit the best stores like Oscar de La Renta and Bergdorf Goodmans.

This post is for those who, like me, don't want and can't spend a lot on the dress!

Tip: do your research in Brazil before embarking on your trip. This way it will be easier for you to know if it will be worth it or not, buying the dreamed dress.

So, the choice is to go for multibrands!

Tip: before traveling already have the model in mind. As there are many options, it's better if you already know what you want.

Shops in New York to find your wedding dress

Below I will talk about the 6 stores that won my heart and that you need to know:

Lovelly Bridal New York

The place is a little disorganized but there are good vintage models and attentive service.

Lovelly Bridal NY

Prices range from US$1,000 to US$6,000.

Address: 182 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013.

bride bride

Charming and peaceful, but the prices are a bit steep.

WONA bridal NY

Dresses range from US$2,000 to US$13,000.

Address: 123 5th Ave.

vera wang

It has the dresses celebrities love (and the model I fell in love with) starting at US$8,000. The saleswomen suffocate a little.

vera wang

The model I fell in love with cost US$4,000 (no way!).

Address: 991 Madison Ave.

The Bridal Gardens

Outlet filled with models donated by superdesigners – It's a gold digger's paradise!

Prices vary between US$3,000 and US15,000.

Bridal Gardens

Address: 54 West 21 St.


Flagship always impeccable, with an exquisite selection of pieces.

Dresses from US$3.000.

Amsale NY

Address: 625 Madison Ave.

David's Bridal

The store is huge with lots of dresses and accessories.

The first impression is frightening but the saleswomen are polite and attentive.

David's Bridal

And what did I like the most? sell the collection White by Vera Wang with dresses between US$1,200 to US$1,800!!!! (And it was at David's Bridal that I bought my gorgeous Vera Wang for US$1,200!).

Address: 45 W 25th St.

Wedding dress in New York – Tips

Research a lot and schedule a visit at least one month in advance – it is necessary because at the scheduled time there will be a salesperson especially for you.

Once scheduled, go!

Many stores ask for your credit card and phone number and charge a fee if you miss it.

Tips for stores to buy a wedding dress in NY

Arriving at the store, show the dress reference that you chose from the website or his photo (this helps a lot!).

book at minimum 3 days for the perfect dress hunt in New York, because you will spend 3 to 4 hours in each store!

In addition to the dress, enjoy see shoes and accessories and leave with everything ready.

In the end, it's worth asking for that one discount 🙂 And the stores always grant from 10 to 20% if you buy the shoes and accessories.

If you prefer, you can buy the dresses on the website. It will be delivered straight to your home. But I preferred to try it on, because it's not just any piece of clothing.

Also remember that if the dress needs adjustments or if you order a different size that is not in the store, it may take 1 to 6 months to be ready – and you even pay a fee to speed up the process.

Ah, how many options there are, photograph the dresses that you've tasted so you don't get lost later!

The multi-brand stores are worth a visit! They are filled with famous brands at very good prices!

After dozens of fittings and thousands of photos later, I found a dress to call my own!

A dress that only needed to be shortened a little (I'm only 1.58!) – and I did it in Brazil (successfully and with a good seamstress!).

Final balance: I bought my dream Vera Wang dress plus shoes and all the accessories for US$1,400 (value already with 20% off the bargain!).

wedding dress

I'm not going to show how my dress is so I don't fly, you know how superstitions work, right?! (lol).

I hope you enjoyed the tips and found them, just like I found my dream dress!

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