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10 day Orlando itinerary

In today's post I will share with you a 10 day itinerary in Orlando. Considering an itinerary for families with children in a more spring climate, with beautiful sunny days.

10 day Orlando itinerary

Orlando – Day 1

The first day you need to keep in mind that it will be a time involved with:

  • Arrival at the hotel – check in;
  • Car rental;
  • Go to some super to be dazzled (Walmart);
  • Appreciate the city and want to go to the outlets.

This is what we love to do, going to supermarkets to buy a bunch of junk food to eat during the trip, as well as going to outlets to see how the prices of things are (clothes, shoes).

Orlando – Day 2

If you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel or a hotel in the area, choose to do the Disney parks first.



  • Hollywood Studios;
  • Have breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Buy tickets at the Hotel itself;
  • Prepare a backpack with sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks;
  • Proceed to Hollywood Studios;
  • WalMart (if they haven't gone the day before).

Orlando – Day 3

Yet another Disney park – MagicKingdom. 

On this day we booked 2 months in advance for breakfast with pooh and dinner at Cinderella's castle with the princesses.  

Magic Kingdom

The Crystal Palace restaurant is great as it allows children to take pictures with Pooh and his friends during the meal.

At Cinderella's Royal Table, you'll have lunch or dinner inside the castle and you'll be able to take an exclusive photo with the “owner” of the castle, Cinderella herself, as well as all the other princesses.

then remember take printed reservations in the backpack. 

 8:40 am – Coffee with Pooh – The Crystal Palace Restaurant (read our article Magic Kingdom).

magic kingdom

Tip: Have lunch at Pinocchio Village, next to the It's a small World attraction and the Carousel.

During the day when you are tired take the train ride around the park (30min sitting just watching).

Important: Take multiple FastPasses, a Disney perk that lets you get back on the ride later and skip the line. But beware: the FastPass is only valid during the time written on the ticket.

Orlando – Day 4

Make another Disney park: Epcot or Animal Kingdom

We chose not to go to any parks on this day. We had a relaxing day, breakfast at the hotel, – change of hotel until 11:00 am. Then we went looking for sports stores recommended:

  • Sports Authority (881 Sand Lake Rd, Sand Lake Plaza Orlando)
  • Tennis Plaza (5540 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819)

At night: downtown!!!

Restaurants for dinner with prior reservation or waiting time of 1 hour: RainForest and T-REX.

10 day Orlando itinerary

Orlando – Day 5

Take a day to discover the Park SeaWorld.

It is a theme park and zoo, with several shows with dolphins, orcas, an exhibition of many animals and even a roller coaster.

10 day Orlando itinerary

Orlando – Day 6

Day to go shopping!

Tip: book Saturdays and Sundays for shopping, in view of the greater demand of Americans to parks and queues.

I recommend International Drive Premium Outlets for the whole day, remember to check out the Premium Outlet Vineland too. Register on the site before traveling and print the discount coupons, and the voucher for the free VIP coupon book!!!

Also get to know the Florida Mall (it's like Sawgrass), it has a DISNEY store with beautiful costumes, Macy's and the Apple Store are highlights here! 

Next to the Florida Mall there is a best buy great. If you still have the energy, check out the extremely chic Mall at Millenia.

10 day Orlando itinerary
10 day Orlando itinerary

Orlando – Day 8

Time to discover the Universal Parks –  Island of Adventure (Universal) – better known as the Harry Potter Park.

universal orlando

We stayed here all day.

Orlando – Day 9

Another full day inside the parks!
That day we went to Universal Studios – barney show and characters from Discovery Kids, Shrek 3D, Despicable Me, Jaws, ET, Simpsons, Woodpecker, SpongeBob!

universal studios

Orlando – Day 10

Pack your bags, it's time to return home!!!

pack your bags from orlando

Take good care of your flight schedule. I always recommend that you leave at night, so you still have a whole day to enjoy the city, and on the night flight you can go to sleep.

Remember if:

  • Fill up the car (leave the tank full);

If you couldn't stop at a gas station along the way to get some fuel, the rental companies (usually) have their gas stations or at least one gas station, however, the price is absurdly more expensive.

  • Deliver the car to the rental company;
  • Arriving at the airport with mandatory advance for international flights;

Tip: around the airport, traffic is generally heavier, so have time to spare to wait in possible traffic jams.

car rental

10 day Orlando itinerary

And have you ever been to Orlando? Do you have any tips?! Share it here!

Until the next trip!

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