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Rent a car in Orlando

Find out here our tips on how to rent a car in Orlando and the practicality of being able to plan your trip with a car at your disposal.

Our trip to Orlando

In February we spent 8 days in Orlando and we solve rent a car. In fact, we decided before traveling that we would rent a car.

After reading some blogs on the subject, we decided that the best way to get around was to rent a car for the 8 days.

would stay longer fast and practical and we wouldn't waste a lot of time between shifts.

car rental orlando

I'm going to advance, it was the best thing we did!

Where to rent a car in Orlando

After researching, we chose Rental Cars – Hertz!
But there are several other car rental companies, websites that help with this choice by evaluating the price of all rental companies according to the model and time you will need your car.

car rental in orlando

We enter the website of Rental Cars (it's very easy to make the reservation and the website is in Portuguese!), we booked a medium-sized car – we chose a Toyota Corolla to pick up and drop off at Orlando International Airport.

Upon arriving at the airport, we went straight to the Hertz counter (it's one floor below the arrivals hall – that's where all the car rental counters are located).

What not to forget when renting a car in Orlando

To remove the car, you must have a driver's license valid in Brazil or the international driver's license.

I have to admit that I wasn't prepared to drive in Orlando, because I was the only one with my driver's license (things a woman puts everything in her purse).

documents for renting a car in orlando

Another very important item is that the person picking up the car must present, in addition to a valid passport and driver's license, a credit card in your name. That's right! The driver must present (and pay) with a credit card in his name!

Do not forget this detail otherwise you will not be able to remove the car.

Anyway, I ended up picking up the car in my name and being the driver for the time!

But, there was still another detail: there were no more Toyota Corollas available.

We had to keep one grand caravan – like a mini van for 7 people, ohohoh. A minivan for two! Imagine how much fun we had! Practically a giant house for two people!

Orlando traffic

An important tip: download the maps on your google maps to use them in offline. So you will never be left in hand, in case you run out of internet.

In Orlando, it is super easy to drive: the highways are very well signposted, including park signs, traffic flowed well.

orlando traffic

The hotel we booked had free parking and the parks charged an average of US$15 to US$18 for the day of parking. The car came with a full tank. We ran 8 days and spent 1 tank. When returning, we go to a service station and fill up the tank, in the end it is cheaper than the price per liter practiced by Hertz.

I really recommend renting a car in Orlando!

Highways are easy to drive, very well signposted, rental cars are good and serviced.

I believe it was good value for money because we only had 8 days and we didn't want to waste a lot of time with public transport or taxis.

A hint: return the car with a full tank 🙂 

Orlando car rental

In short, don't forget:

  • driver's license valid in Brazil or the international driver's license.
  • passport;
  • the person picking up the car must present a credit card in your name. The driver must present (and pay) with a credit card in his name!

Good trip! 

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