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5 days New York itinerary

Discover what can be done in a 5-day itinerary in New York, believe me: you can do a lot! Let's go and share everything with you!

New York -USA

We spent only 5 days in New York, very little time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. big Apple has to offer.

Well, at least that will be a great excuse to come back again and again 🙂 For those who have little time in the city, I'll try to share what we did in these 5 days.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Day 1 in New York

We arrived in New York around 4 pm, went straight to the hotel and then to Times Square.

We spent the rest of the night there: we saw the lights turn on, we visited some stores like Forever 21 and M&Ms.

We sat on the steps of TKTS and admired everything, a unique place and symbol of the city that never sleeps.

5 days New York itinerary

Day 2 in New York

We woke up early and went straight to Battery Park to visit the Statue of Liberty.

We stayed there all morning, because the queues were huge!

Then we went to see Brooklyn Bridge. The crossing of the bridge is very pleasant and impressive. Best of all is the view of Manhattan – we spent a long time walking slowly to observe and photograph everything!

all crossing took about 40 minutes.

From there, we walked until we reached the Chinatown. It's quite a long way, but everything was so beautiful that time passed quickly and we didn't even feel the effort.

already in Chinatown we walked a little and visited some souvenir shops, there are many and the prices are much better than in the rest of the city. But don't be scared because you'll feel like you're in Paraguay.

Chinatown NY

Then we walked to the Little Italy, which is very close, but it is a totally different place! We didn't spend a lot of time there – just enough time to get to know the main thing.

From there we left for the SoHo. What a fantastic place! Quite different than anything before. Shops and lots of shops, different architecture, people coming in and out… And that was all day long!

At night we returned to Times Square and went to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

5 days New York itinerary

Day 3 in New York

We made the region of downtown visiting the 9/11 Memorial and the financial heart of New York – the Wall Street. We ended the tour at Battery Park.

From there we went on to discover the greenwich village, a very cute neighborhood and chosen place to live by many celebrities. We ate there and headed back to the hotel.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner at The View: The restaurant times square rotary. A super restaurant in the heart of Times Square – it rotates and you have a beautiful view of the city. We managed to catch the sunset!

5 days New York itinerary

Day 4 in New York

In the morning we went to visit the region of midtown, we visited the complex of Rockefeller Center (we took the opportunity to try the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery), Saint Patrick's Cathedral, some stores like Macy`s and, finally, a walk through 5th avenue (take the opportunity to drool in the windows of the best stores like Dior...).

We ended the day in Central Park and visiting the Museum of Natural History.

Ah, we took the opportunity to have a little bite in the Vive La Crêpe and eat one of the best crepes that I've tried!

In the evening, we took the opportunity to watch a concert by Broadway. But before that we did a night tour of New York and Brooklyn – the view of Manhattan is beautiful 🙂

5 days New York itinerary

Day 5 in New York

We climbed to the top of the Empire State Building (after a long line) and could admire part of the city from above! Fantastic!

And from there, we went straight to Pier 17. I was dying to get to know this place up close! We ate something right there and watched everything.

There was a craft fair and a small show with local bands, but really cool.

From there, we went back to the hotel and left for the airport.

5 days New York itinerary

We used the subway and taxi numerous times, in addition to walking a lot, of course!

The itinerary is very restricted and short as we only stayed in the city for 5 days and enjoyed everything very calmly.

Do you intend to go to NY? Share here your experience or your plans and questions!

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