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Self review before traveling

Catch up on your auto review before traveling, so you will avoid possible headaches during your trip. Here we will give you important tips!

Items to check in your car

Below is the list of items to check before traveling:


review tires

This item is very important for your trip, because a flat tire can cause serious accidents, such as bursting and you losing control of the direction.

The ideal is to take it to an authorized dealer and request an evaluation.

Tip: retreading is not a good option for your trips, prefer to pay a little more and guarantee your safety.

automotive air conditioning

automotive air conditioning

If you intend to travel somewhere very cold or somewhere very hot, if in doubt your air conditioning needs to be working.

Also, changing your air filters helps a lot and is not an expensive item. This investment is worth it!

automotive batteries

automotive batteries

If your car is failing or having difficulty starting, take it to the mechanic and check if it could be your battery.

Tip: have a cable in your car to take charge from another vehicle, in case of any problem, you will be saved!

Glass cleaners – wipers


The time when we need the wipers the most is when it rains and that's when we remember to change them.

However, enjoy your review and already make this exchange!

oil change

Checking oil levels, in addition to characteristics such as color and viscosity are essential.

book cleaners

And you need to do it more often!
I confess that I had to learn check, because some gas station attendants end up saying that you need to change or top up, just to sell the product. And it's not always necessary.

However, oil is not completed, yes, the change is made when necessary and if the level is lowering, it is another observation and you need to take your car to a responsible person to check the reason that is causing this in your vehicle.

automotive sound box

automotive sound box
Woman adjusting radio volume in the car.

Traveling without music is simply the same as watching a movie without a soundtrack.

So put good speakers in your car and have fun with a good playlist.

Take your car to a trusted workshop

The ideal before you do your evaluation is to take your car to a workshop you trust.

Ask them to check your brakes, oils, electrical parts and everything that is essential for your trip to go well!

Take out vehicle insurance

Car insurance is very important, for you and for others.

This is because you may be involved in an accident, or a third party that collides with you and does not have insurance, you may be harmed.

vehicle insurance

So guarantee your insurance!

Self review before traveling

Hope I helped you with our tips!
Be sure to make your revisions and have a great trip!

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