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Statue of Liberty

Every tourist who goes to NY needs to see the Statue of Liberty, the most beautiful monument in the city, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Here we will give you tips on how to get to know Liberty Island.

One of the first things we did in New York was visit the Statue of Liberty. Even traveling in April, it was cold and windy!

But we still had a lot of fun! 🇧🇷

Statue of Liberty – its history

The Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest symbols of the United States, perhaps the greatest of them all. Officially known as ??Liberty Enlightening the World?? (“Liberty Enlightening the World”), is located in liberty island, in New York Harbor and was inaugurated on October 28, 1886 in commemoration of the centenary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of North America.

It is a sign of freedom and was presented by France.

The island was one of the main entrances for immigrants to the country and today it houses the immigration museum that tells the story of the construction and operation of the buildings and of all the immigrants who passed through there.

Statue of Liberty - How to get to it

The boat (ferry) departs from Battery Park in New York or Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

At Battery Park, tickets are sold inside the Castle Clinton.

Statue of Liberty - trip to the island

If you decide to buy tickets on the spot, the queues are easy, but to get in they are huge!!!

But there are other options for those who don't want to spend their time in queues: the site StatueCruises offers advance purchase options to visit the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island.

But remember: if you buy online, you need to book the day and time of the visit! It's a good thing, because the queues to go through security are long, and with an appointment you can avoid them!

The last departure for the tours is at 3:00 pm from Battery Park.

Statue of Liberty – trip to the island

The tour already starts at the port: there is a huge queue for inspection (which includes x-rays and metal detectors). Already on the boat (it is huge) the trip to the liberty island is approximately 15 min.

As it was very windy, we were unable to enjoy the tour on the open deck, as we stayed inside the vessel.

already in liberty island, the view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan are unique!!!

The Park around the Statue is also very beautiful!

If you have time, you can enjoy good times!

It is also possible to take a walk around the base of the statue. There is the original torch, a museum from its construction and a deck of observation in 360 degrees.

A hint: The later you leave for the Island, the more crowded it will be!

It's a really cool tour for someone in New York for the first time! But as it involves a long queue, I would only go by appointment 😉

Statue of Liberty

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!
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