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When to go to New York

Find out here in this post when to go to New York, what the temperature is like at different times of the year and how to enjoy it.

The first thing you need to know is that New York is beautiful at all times of the year! The landscape will change and everything will look beautiful in your photographic records!

When to go to New York

In autumn and spring, temperatures are mild – ideal for walking around the city.

At the autumn, the trees become dry and the orange tones gain prominence.

already in spring it's time for the colorful flowers ;).

NYC in spring

Springs in the city are mild, with maximum temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C in March and 20°C to 26°C in June.

At the summer New York gets sweltering!

Summers are hot and humid, with highs between 32°C to 38°C and average temperature of 26°C. However, summer has its benefits: open-air concerts and festivals, empty streets on weekends, cheaper hotels.

Average temperature (Source:

already the Winter it can be very cold: the average temperature is 1ºC.

The cold weather is perfect for spending quality time in museums and great cafes.

Also, experiencing a snowstorm is something worth it!

new york in winter

Even more in christmas period where the city is most beautiful!

The side bad: due to the wind and the constant cold, walking along the city's avenues is a little unpleasant (even with appropriate clothing). In some periods, the accumulated snow can reach up to 30 cm.

On our last visit to New York, we chose spring (last week of April). However, the temperature was between 4ºC and 12ºC and the wind was very cold!

For us, the best time to visit New York is from September to October and May to June due to climate stability. In this period the temperatures are more pleasant.

Finally, the average annual precipitation rate in the city is 112.4 centimeters and there is not a big difference between the seasons.

New York is beautiful in every season! Each has a different beauty. Choose the best and have a good trip! 😉

Hope you enjoyed the tips!

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