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How much does it cost to travel to New York

Are you thinking about traveling?! Want to know how much it costs to travel to New York? In this post I will give tips on how to organize your itinerary with the prices of tickets, hotels and food.

But know that you are going to one of the destinations more expensive from the USA.

I will do an expense statement for 6 days.

 The times we went, we stayed around 4 days, but we should have stayed longer.

How much does it cost to travel to New York

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How much does it cost to travel to New York

The main expenses of such a trip start with:

  • Airline tickets;
  • Hotel;
  • Food;
  • Car rental;
  • Tickets to attractions and museums.

Airline tickets

One tip I like to give is about researching ticket promotions. It is very worthwhile, there are situations that can reach a discount value of R$1,000.00.

The key point is to research well in advance!

Amount: R$ 2,500.00


This is a point where you don't have much choice but to pay.

There are places in the US where you can camp, sleep in your car… but NY doesn't have those options.

The last time we went on a trip, the accommodation was cheaper than the value we had projected. The advantage was that the dollar had fallen.

Today, writing this article and researching the hotels we stayed at, the values are more “salty”. But that's ok, that's what planning is for!

In addition, prices compared to other states are more expensive and the most popular hotels sell out very quickly. The closer to Manhattan, they end up being more expensive.

Value on average: $250  dollars per night.

Converting to reais, with R$5.50 per dollar. It would be R$ 1,375.00.

Tip: look for hotels farther from the center, the values will come out a little more into account.


How much does it cost to travel to New York

This item is very personal, difficult to measure. Because everything will depend on whether you really want to save money, if you like to eat the best and the best, if you prefer healthier food or if there are no problems with eating junk food.

I'm going to calculate thinking that there will be days when you eat only junk food (fast food) and have good, healthy meals.

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In addition, a tip: breakfast you have at the hotel, well reinforced to eat something lighter at noon and eat a coffee / dinner at the end of the day. This hypothesis is if you are counting the coins, as we were, for the trip (lol).

You can have lunch for $15 dollars, an afternoon snack for $8 dollars and dinner for $20 dollars.

If that's okay though... have your 4 meals. With a coffee at the hotel, lunch around $30 dollars, afternoon snack $15 dollars and dinner $ 40 dollars.

Value on average: $80 dollars per day. Converting would average R$ 440.00.

Car rental

You can easily stay without a car. Using public vehicles (metro) and transfer from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the airport.

Average of R$ 350.00 per person.

If you prefer to rent a car, we have an article that explains exactly how you can do it: US car rental

Tickets to attractions and museums

This is another option that is very personal. You can take a trip by choosing the free places to visit. Or know some places that you will have to pay and the free ones too.

That way I raised an average calculation of R$ 1,500.00.

In short: How much does it cost to travel to New York

For a 6 day trip. It would give a total of: R$15,240.00

Of this total, you will undoubtedly be able to save on attraction tickets, on the hotel looking further away from the center and on food, being able to eat more fast foods, ready meals and eating well for your breakfast (like the tip I gave earlier).

That is, it can reach a value more economic of R$ 12,000.00.

  • Airline tickets: R$ 2,500.00
  • Hotel: R$ 1,375.00 per day: R$ 8,250.00
  • Food: R$ 440.00 per day: R$ 2,640.00
  • Car rental: R$ 350.00
  • Tickets to attractions and museums: R$ 1,500.00

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips.

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