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10 tips for making your trip to the USA

When you think about traveling, you know why where to start? We will give you 10 tips to make your trip to the USA. Get your bags ready!

After all, it's your vacation and it needs to be the best one ever!

Firstly: you need to know how many days you will have on vacation, what time of year you will travel and to which states.

Then let's start with our tips:

Tip 1: Flight tickets on sale

Don't be anxious! Search! Know how to wait for the right time to buy your tickets. This is the main one among the 10 tips for making your trip to the USA.

First of all, download an application on your cell phone that informs you when there are ticket promotions.

Stay tuned!

  • What days do you want to travel?
  • What states do you want to visit?

Find out the ticket prices without being on sale, that is, search to know how to compare on the days when the promotions appear.

Only on this first item will you save a lot! But be smart, check the connections .

In some promotions, sometimes there is a connection of 12 hours, another of 16 and you end up wasting a lot of time between airports.

Therefore: pay attention to the connections!

tip 2: car rental


10 tips for making your trip to the USA

leave reserved before leaving Brazil, as soon as you arrive you will be able to go directly to the window of the company you hired and choose your car.

There's no way to make a trip like this, without a vehicle!

Taking the Uber or bus rides is almost impossible, unless you want to go to New York and spend your vacation on the island of Manhattan.

Because in the USA everything is very far away, even more so if you want to save money and stay away from the tourist spots.

Tip 3: know in which airport will you land

 The most used by Brazilians going to Florida: Miami International Airport and Fort Launderdale and going to California: Los Angeles International, San Diego International and San Francisco International.

I put them as an example, but there are countless international airports.

It will facilitate the issue of transferring your vehicle to the company and which stop you will need to make.

10 tips for making your trip to the USA

airports are giants and you don't have time to waste, right? Avoid searching when you are inside the airport for ways to get out of it and where to go.

Program yourself at home, calmly!

tip 4: create your itinerary

How many days will your trip be?

From there, evaluate how many km you want to drive per day and how many days you want to stay in each place.

What places do you dream of visiting?

Evaluate on the map where each one of them is and make the connections, calculate their distances.  

create your route It's one of the best pre-trip sensations, believe me!

You start the trip months before, which is when you start imagining what each place you'll discover will be like!

Tip 5: Exchange

Carrying physical cash is all well and good, however it's not so safe.

So, take some cash and also leave it on an international debit card.

If you can't find international cashiers, Walmart has the fast cashier and when you make the payment it asks if you want to withdraw some amount, being possible to withdraw up to $100 dollars.

So rest assured, Walmart has them everywhere!

10 tips for making your trip to the USA

Tip 6: Don't keep converting dollars into reais!

First you will exchange your reais for dollars, then after that new life!

Everything paid will be in dollars. If you keep converting everything you buy, I'm sorry but your trip will be a “pain in the ass”.

However, if the item to be purchased is something you are going to take to Brazil, for example: a shoe that costs R$ 500.00 here and in the USA costs $35.00 dollars, do the conversion.

After all, in Brazil we can pay in 10 installments without interest and in the USA the payment is in cash!

Tip 7: Go to 99cents stores

These stores are first World for us Brazilians!

You will be able to buy food, water, potato chips, canned food, ice cream, sweets and miscellaneous items.

There are so many things that it makes me dizzy to look at it. In addition to everything else that is made up of articles, clothes and decoration.

Cheap supermarket in the USA: 99 Cents Only Store 10 tips to make your trip to the USA

All for 99cents!

Tip 8: Go to clearance stores


We went a lot in Ross – dress for less, at Burlington and target.

We find shoes, clothes, sunglasses, makeup, perfumes, everything branded with prices well below the market.

Almost always in the place that has Ross – dress for less, there will be Walmart, McDonald's, Target, burlington, other outlet stores in addition to stores that are separated by departments, such as construction and electronics stores…

Brazilian loves a promo right!

Tip 9: Camp

At least one day on your trip, go to a park that has a place for camping and pitch your tent!

This connection with nature is priceless!

In addition to the security that exists, you can even sleep in the car, there will be no danger.

It has the places to make a fire and roast your marshmallows.

On our first trip, we rented a minivan and it was our tent!

We bought inflatable mattresses, blankets and pillows: all cheap at Walmart.

It went really well!

finalizing the 10 tips to make your trip to the USA: discover the national parks

You need to know the national parks!

To the west side of the US there are more parks, with more exotic landscapes, unlike anything you've ever seen.

As an example: Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and among others.

Just like the parks state, with lots of greenery and a leisure area for a picnic.

 Finally, each park has its beauty and you will not regret visiting them.

another tip is to buy one card to access national parks, its value is on average $80 dollars.

And its validity is one year. You will enter the parks and you will not have to pay anything else!

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