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US Gasoline Value in 2021

When we rent a car, we immediately think: will it be worth renting? How much will gasoline cost in the US in 2021?

I'm sure you will soon giant smile, because it will surprise!

First, you need to know that the price varies a little depending on the location, as well as here in Brazil.

The more inland and distant from the big capitals. The value ends up being a little more expensive.

But nothing absurd, compared to Brazil!

way to calculate the value of gasoline in the US in 2021

There they use the term gallon to fill up, that doesn't mean you're going to fill a gallon and put it in the car. But it's the way they use to measure.

One gallon (abbreviation Gal) liquid has 3.78 liters, which is the most common. But it has two other ways to calculate, with different measures. Such as: dry gallon which holds 4.4048 liters and imperial (UK) gallon which holds 4.5460 litres.


The price per gallon today costs on average:

 US3.07 to US3.38 equals US 0.81 to 0.89 per liter.

Converting to reais (quotation of the real hypothetically R$5.00)

R$4.05 to R$4.45 per liter.

How to fuel

Unlike Brazil, where we have an attendant and we don't even need to get out of the car.

It's very different over there, you're the one who fuels your car!

And believe me, it's really cool!

I don't know, it seems that this demonstrates confidence, which is something that does not exist in Brazil. Unfortunately!

Of course, the goal is to save manpower!

First you make the payment and then the pump is unlocked to be able to supply.

Super quiet and in the bomb has well explained step by step.

US Gasoline Value in 2021

Positives for your car

American roads are a spectacle these days.

No holes, well cared for, excellent quality asphalt, good signage and the average driving speed is 120km/h.

That is, you will not spend on tire repairs with the same frequency that happens here in Brazil.

 While the biggest reasons we find here are the holes in the roads and as I said earlier, this problem will be almost nil there.

Another important point is speed, depending on the vehicle's engine, driving at high speed increases the average km/liter of gasoline. That is, you will walk more and spend less.

We rarely experience an accident. But of course, always stay tuned!

Be careful when driving on rainy days! Slow down!



Or also known as: fast track or via reserved.

She is a way of high speed and is on the left side of the lane.

In larger cities, capitals, the speed is reduced, an average of 100km/h. Pay attention to the signage!

For example: if there are 4 lanes, take the middle or right lane.

The left lane is a different speed from the others and people who walk there have paid a fee to travel.

Car rental, 10 tips for your trip.

Finally, we hope we helped you with our tips! If you have any tips, they are welcome!

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