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I lost my passport. And now?

I lost my passport. And now? Don't panic, but it's a delicate and bureaucratic situation. Here in this post I will guide you how to proceed in this situation.

Losing documents, especially your passport during an international trip, is one of the most annoying things, because without a passport, you will not be able to continue your trip.

So, if this happens, look for the nearest police station and register a police report.

With this document in hand, go to the Brazilian embassy or consulate and also present your identity documents with photo, discharge of military and electoral service.


After everything is done, you will receive an authorization to return to Brazil.

Remembering that you will not be able to continue your trip without your passport.   

Can I request a duplicate passport to continue my trip?

Yes you can. But it may take a few days to get ready.

Tip: Keep your documents very well and make copies of the passport identification pages (this will make it easier if you need a duplicate or authorization to return to Brazil.

More information about Brazilian embassies and consulates around the world:

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